Thanks for your interest in submitting your product or service to Celebrity Parents Magazine! We are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest finds for babies, kids, and parents — whatever we think our fabulous community of moms and dads would find useful. If you’re curious to know what it takes to be featured in Celebrity Parents Magazine, read below.

Product Availability

Your product needs to be available for purchase online. The idea is that our readers can read about your item, say to themselves, “I must have this!” and simply click and buy. If it’s limited to a certain geographic location or can only be purchased locally, it probably won’t be a fit for us.

Product Placement

Sending a sample does not guarantee that your product will be featured. That said, we won’t ask you to send it unless we are already interested in reviewing it, so chances are good that it will be reviewed! Samples are not returned, and may be used for future contests or media (i.e. TV) appearances.

How To Pitch — A Primer

If you’re looking to get on our good side, here are some tips that can help:

  1. Since we get dozens of pitches daily, we can tell immediately who is familiar with our site — and who isn’t. So be sure to have an idea for our demographic before pitching.
  2. If you address your email to “Dear Blogger” or a totally different name, things are not going to bode well for you. Be sure of who you’re emailing before you hit that send button.
  3. A follow-up a week after your pitch is totally fine. One hour later? Not so much. We will respond to you by EOD (or latest the next day) if we are interested.
  4. Links to websites or Dropbox images are preferred over super hi res images.
  5. Make it relatable –tell us why we have to feature your product and why it’s relevant for our readers.


Thank you so much, and happy pitching!