When Is It Too Late To Get The Flu Shot?

You probably got the flu shot for your kids, but thought maybe you would just wait it out until springtime. But with weekly reports home from school about new cases of the flu, you might be rethinking your stance on sticking out the season. Thing is, we’re already well into winter, so when is it too late to get the flu shot? You’re in luck, because there[...]

Choose Your Own Adventure Books Empower Kids To Read And Make Their Own Choices

Being a child of the 80s, there was nothing better than reading Choose Your Own Adventure books. They put you directly in the driver’s seat by determining your character’s fate (i.e. if you turn to page continue on this trip to the center of the earth, turn to page 87; or if you try to turn back, turn to page 88). The books allowed you to make big life d[...]

Why Do Kids Eat Their Boogers? It’s Not Always Because Of The Taste

Your child is watching an umpteenth episode of Paddington Bear when you notice that his finger is firmly rooted inside his nose. When he’s finally done digging and is able to get the booger out, you watch in horror as he examines it — and then eats it. It might make you wonder why do kids eat their boogers...and is it even safe? Although it’s definite[...]



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