Here's What The Working Mothers of Today Are Really Going Through

  Over my twenty years in journalism, I have asked one question, without fail, for every interview. “How do you balance it all?” For the most part, I would get pat answers. “It’s easy,” some would say. “Well, I have an amazing husband.” Or, “I have nannies.” And then, once, a celeb finally told me the truth. “My balance is totally out of wh[...]

6 Potty Training Tips To Avoid Having Pee All Over Your Floor

Of all the milestones your child will achieve, potty training is probably the one that most parents least look forward to. It’s messy, it’s laborious, and it feels like there’s no end in sight. But you don’t want your kid to be heading to preK and still not be potty trained, though. That’s why you’ll need some potty training tips to avoid having pee (and[...]

The Peanut Bump Buddies App Lets You Find Friends With Similar Due Dates

Even though friends and family (and even strangers) will be so excited for you and want to touch your belly all the time, pregnancy can actually be an isolating experience for the mom-to-be. And if it’s your first pregnancy, you might want to have someone to share your joys, concerns, and “Is this normal?” questions with other than your partner. Well, Peanut[...]



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