Should Parents Let Their Kids Have Play Dates During The Pandemic?

By now, your child is probably has gotten used to the idea of home schooling and distance learning (even if you’re still adapting to it). But there still might be one component that your kid is craving — and that’s socialization. In short, your kid misses their friends and wants to see them. Thing is, social distancing is probably putting a major crimp i[...]

13 Hilarious Things Parents Are Saying About Home Schooling Their Kids During The Pandemic

If having to suddenly home school their children has done one thing, it’s certainly brought out a sense of humor in parents. They’ve gone from waving goodbye to their kids as they board the school bus to now having to be responsible for teaching all the subjects they’d sooner have forgotten about (we’re looking at you, algebra). But in spite of the stres[...]

How To Be A Great Sports Parents Without Getting Kicked Off The Field

It can be a totally proud moment when your tiny t-baller steps up to the plate for his first swing. But when he misses the pitch, you might be tempted to mouth off at the coach, umpire, pitcher—and anyone else who might have caused your kid to miss his big moment. Thing is, when your child becomes involved in sports, you’ll need to know how to be a great[...]



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