Pregnancy Brain Is A Real Thing, According to Science

When you’re pregnant, you can expect your body to go through a lot of physical changes. Your belly grows, your hair gets more luscious, and your skin starts to get that gorgeous pregnancy glow. Of course, along with the good sometimes comes the, you know, not so good, like stretch marks, heartburn, and swollen feet. But if you find that you’re suffering [...]

Study Finds that Small Screens in Children’s Bedrooms Can Harm Sleep

When your little one asks to watch just one more show before bedtime, it could actually be doing him harm. Research has shown children who have a television (or even a smartphone or tablet) in their bedrooms have later bedtimes and aren’t getting enough sleep at night. The study, “Sleep Duration, Restfulness, and Screens in the Sleep Environment,” sur[...]

How to Salvage Your Morning When Absolutely Everything Is Going Wrong

By their very nature, mornings are manic. You’re trying to not only get your kids fed, dressed, ready and out the door, but you also need to put pants on, too. For the times when it feels like your a.m.’s are about to implode, try these sanity-saving tips. Keep your cool. Some mornings are smooth. Others…not so much. So while it’s frustrating when [...]



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