What’s The Difference Between Distance Learning And Homeschooling? As It Turns Out, A Lot

After weeks of indecision, you’ve finally decided that you’re not going to send your child back to school in the fall. But with so many terms floating around (remote learning, distance learning, and homeschool), you might be unsure as to what educational path to choose for your child. As you mentally prepare to become a teacher to your tot, it’s importan[...]

Barbie’s Campaign Team Set Ensures That Every Princess Can Be Presidential

With the 2020 Presidential elections coming up and the battle cry of Black Lives Matter, there’s never been a better time to become an advocate for change. Now, Barbie has her sights on the White House with the Campaign Team set, a group of four diverse dolls that each play an important (and empowering) political role. The first-ever Campaign Team set[...]

Here's Why Your Child Follows You Into The Bathroom All The Time

Your child is playing happily with their toys on the floor. Great, you think, you can sneak off to the bathroom for just a few seconds and, you know, take care of business. Suddenly, a little person appears at the door, sobbing and banging on the door to be let in. And when all you’re trying to do is wipe, you might wonder why your child follows you into[...]



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