This Is Why Kids Grind Their Teeth, According To Dentists

As cute as they are, kids can be kind of gross. They toot at the most inopportune times (like during dinner or in the movie theater during an especially quiet scene), they sometimes snort when they laugh, and they can be somewhat stinky, too. But of all the sights (and ack, smells) that their little bodies can crank out, there is probably no sound that is [...]

Actress Allyson Rice Is Turning A New Page And Embracing Life As A Total Human

Allyson, I’m sure many readers will remember you as Connor Jamison Walsh Stricklyn, from As The World Turns. I was on As The World Turns for seven years. I loved the character I played, and the people I worked with were so great. It was an amazing experience. Then, new producers came on the show, along with new writers and new actors, and I was replaced v[...]

Molly Shannon Is One Funny Mother — With A Trick Or Two Up Her Sleeve

Molly Shannon has created quite a few memorable characters over the course of her career. Who could ever forget Mary Katherine Gallagher, the pit-sniffing protagonist of Superstar, for example? But Shannon is showing her sweeter (and less sweaty) side with the release of her first children's book, Tilly the Trickster. We spoke with Shannon about being a [...]



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