How To Be Accepting Of All The Kids Who Come To Your Door On Halloween

There's a certain protocol when it comes to trick or treating. Your doorbell rings, little kids in costume eagerly singsong, "Trick or treat!" and hold out their bags. You give them a treat (or two), they accept it happily, thank you, and leave. Ahh, if only it were that easy. On Halloween, you're bound to get a lot of costumed characters coming to[...]

Do You Hold Your Baby On Your Left Side? There’s A Reason Why

You’ve probably never given much thought to how you hold your baby. But if you’re like most moms, you subconsciously choose your left side to hold your little one. I’m right-handed, so it has always made sense for me to naturally hold my child on my left side. Since my right side is dominant and stronger, I could do other things (like write a note or pul[...]

How To Ensure You Give The Right Medication Dosage To Your Baby

It’s in the middle of the night when your baby starts screaming because of a sky-high fever. You’re bleary-eyed while reading the instructions on the medicine box—and performing mathematical equations at 3:00 AM to figure out how much medicine she should get is nerve-wracking. You’re not alone: a new study found that a staggering 99 percent of kids’ liqu[...]



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