These Apple Cupcakes Will Get Your Kid To The Head Of The Class

There’s no better way to welcome the school year than with cupcakes. And these apple cupcakes are absolutely adorable—and super easy to make, too. They only require four ingredients, (and a modicum of craftiness) in order to pull them off.

Although you could try to make them Pinterest-perfect, you really shouldn’t. Truth be told, the less perfect they are, the better. After all, this should be a fun, back-to-school bonding experience for you and your child. So if the frosting smears, or your apple cupcakes don’t look like they’re supposed to, well, that’s okay. It’s about making memories—and messes.

And if you do decide to bring the cupcakes to class, just be sure to find out ahead of time if any of your child’s fellow classmates have food allergies. You should offer an alternative so that no one feels left out of the celebration. And above all, have fun!

Here’s how to make apple cupcakes that will get your kid to the head of the class.


1 box cake mix

1 can red frosting

pretzel sticks

candy spearmint leaves


1. Prepare cupcakes according to box directions. Let cool.

2. Frost cupcakes with frosting.

3. Cut candy spearmint leaves into small pieces, resembling a tiny leaf.

4. Holding the cupcake, take one pretzel stick and push it into the wrapper of the cupcake to form an indentation.

5. Attach a “leaf” to the side of the pretzel stick, pressing it into the frosting to secure it.

6. Your cupcake should now resemble an apple.


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