We Are the Dinosaurs – Book by Laurie Berkner

we are the dinosaurs

It’s almost inconceivable that twenty years have passed since Laurie Berkner broke out onto the children’s music scene with her famous song, “We Are the Dinosaurs.” To commemorate the momentous occasion, Simon & Schuster has released the new book, We Are the Dinosaurs, an adorably illustrated book that includes the lyrics to Berkner’s beloved song.

Illustrated by Ben Clanton, kids can sing the song as they read about dinosaurs such as Sasha (who loves marching!), Ernesto, Dax, and other little dinosaur hatchlings as they act out the lyrics to the song and then return home to tell their dino parents all about their day. We Are the Dinosaurs is bound to become a must-read for your own little adorable dinos ($13, amazon.com).

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