Big Ang From Mob Wives Shares Her Recipe For Cabernet With Cream Soda

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You may not be a Mob Wife, but that doesn’t mean you can’t drink like one. When Big Ang first told us about her recipe for cabernet with cream soda, we were…curious. Cabernet with cream soda seemed like a cool yet crazy combination. But Big Ang, the star of VH1′s hit show Mob Wives, insists that this is the best drink around. “It’s delicious! I drank that growing up in my family with Sunday dinners and it’s still one of my favorites,” she says. So try serving up the the so-simple-to-make drink at your next family dinner. Now, that’s Italian!

Big Ang Italian Specialty

1/2 glass Big Ang Cabernet Wine

1/2 glass cream soda

Mix the cabernet with the cream soda in a tall glass on the rocks. Sip and enjoy!

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