eCreamery’s Easter Ice Cream Collection Will Make Your Bunnies So Hoppy

When you think of Easter treats, Peeps probably come to mind. And while the marshmallow dessert is definitely adorable, there are other sweets that your little sweeties would want to eat, too. eCreamery has a collection of ice cream that’s ideal for Easter and offers something sweet for everyone.

The eCreamery Premium Easter Collection is comprised of four pints of ice cream, each one more delectable than the other—and each with an Easter-oriented name printed on seasonally colorful labels. The flavors are kid-friendly, so the only problem you’ll really have is making sure that you get to have some, too.

And speaking of flavors, well, the eCreamery Premium Easter Collection has four for you to choose from. For your kiddo who craves chocolate, Hoppy Easter is a chocolate cake ice cream with brownie bites and fudge swirls. Easter Blessings is a s’mores-centric marshmallow-flavored ice cream with a taste that will get your kids excited for summer. If vanilla is your favorite flavor, you’re going to fall in love with Some Bunny Loves You. It’s made with creamy dreamy vanilla ice cream and has a toffee crunch, too. And Mint Just For You (get it?), is a mint cookie crunch ice cream with thick fudge swirls.

eCreamery ensures its high standards of quality by making small batches of the ice cream at a time, and each pint is hand-packed to perfection.

The eCreamery Premium Easter Collection retails for $60 and is available now through Easter. It’s going to be a frozen fave for the peeps in your life.

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