Giuliana Rancic Offers Holiday Travel Tips That Will Make Your Vacay So Much Easier

Holiday travel can be a hassle, even when you’re single or just newly coupled. But when you throw a baby into the mix, well, racing through airports isn’t really a reality anymore. What can make things even more complicated is when the holidays are in full swing, and no one is feeling holly or jolly when they’re trying to catch their flight. Giuliana Rancic, co-anchor of E! News, knows your pain. That’s why she’s sharing some of her holiday travel tips so that you don’t feel like a grinch when you’re trying to get to your destination.

“This time last year Bill and I were scrambling for tips when traveling with a baby as we geared up for our first holiday season with Duke,” says Rancic. “Now that we have a year under our belts, I wanted to share some travel essentials to make everyone’s holiday merry and bright this year.”

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Whether you are flying, just driving around the corner or hitting the road for an extended time, here are a few must have items to pack in your travel bag:

Bring Baby’s Favorite Comfort Toy

Make sure to have a favorite blanket, pacifier and/or toy. Those will be lifesavers on the road or in the air. In Duke’s case this is his little white lamb blankie, but we always keep another blanket with us just in case one falls and gets too dirty.

Pack Plenty of Diapers And Wipes

No matter where we go with Duke, I always keep Huggies Diapers and Wipes in my bag. When I travel, the wipes are crucial. They conquer every sippy cup spill in the car, plane ride messes or dinner time clean up at the in-laws. I even find myself grabbing them for myself sometimes.

Always Have Extra Onesies And Clothes

Bring plenty! You will need two or three for every day traveled. Babies love to spill, especially on themselves and when on the go. If you have a washer and dryer where you are staying, you might be able to pack a little lighter. One of my favorite onsies and sleepers are Zippyz – just unzip the bottom and baby stays warm and clothed while you change.

Don’t Forget To Download Fun Videos

Keep plenty of baby videos handy either on a portable DVD player or downloaded (not streaming) on an iPhone or iPad. It’s miraculous how Duke can go from screaming his brains out on an airplane to suddenly sitting quietly and watching his little videos.  The Baby Einstein videos and Baby First app have been my personal life savers and kept me from making enemies on my flights!

Pack A Safety Kit…Just In Case

When flying or road tripping, make sure you keep a digital ear thermometer and fever medication in your diaper bag and not buried at the bottom of a suitcase. Baby may get on the plane healthy and happy but you never know when a fever may strike.

Be Sure To Have Extra Formula And Bottles

Expect interruptions in your travel whether it be traffic or flight delays so stock up on formula and extra bottles. If you are flying, you might want to bring dry mix with liquid restrictions, though some airports have started to allow formula. Not only that, but a snack or a bottle during take-off and landing can prevent their ears from getting plugged and hurt. Sometimes a pacifier can achieve this but Duke preferred a bottle.

Along with these essentials, make sure wherever you are staying knows you are coming with baby – you’d be surprised what hotels can arrange for you or how much your in-laws will need to baby proof their home before your arrival. The outlet and cabinet baby proofing tools are easy to find and inexpensive. Other than these simple tricks and essentials, safe travels, and Happy Holidays!


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