These Tooth Fairy Apps Will Make All Those Wiggly Teeth Worth It

Your child has been wiggling their loose tooth for weeks, and finally, it’s out. Once you’re done admiring your child’s toothless grin, you need to get going, because your kid is going to expect an appearance that evening from the Tooth Fairy. Thing is, even if she plans to leave a present or some cold hard cash in exchange for your child’s chompers (wink wink), it might not be enough evidence that the Tooth Fairy was actually in your home. But by downloading these Tooth Fairy apps, your child can experience the enchanting lore of the Tooth Fairy, in all her sweet sparkly dust glory.

The Easter Bunny. Santa Claus. Leprechauns on St. Patrick’s Day. Elf on the Shelf. Relatively speaking, there’s only a short span where childhood is magical, belief is suspended, and all things (like a jolly old man in a red suit can squeeze himself down every chimney in the world at midnight) are completely possible. The same goes for the Tooth Fairy, that tooth-obsessed sprite who flies around collecting canines and leaving a gift in its place. But like most of her cohorts, her time is short-lived. After all, children typically start losing their teeth when they’re 5-6-years-old, (the prime age for totally trusting all traditions told to them by their families) and the last teeth fall out around age 12 — that tween stage when they know the real deal.

But while they’re still little, these Tooth Fairy apps just might help make the magic last for one more year.

I Saw The Tooth Fairy

Finally, you can provide proof to your skeptical 6-year-old that the Tooth Fairy actually exists. The I Saw The Tooth Fairy app lets you snap a shot of your sleeping kiddo (or use one from your camera roll) and then almost instantly overlays an animated tooth fairy next to your child. But the fairy isn’t just posing for the pic; it actually flies around sprinkling fairy dust as it goes. You can modify where the Tooth Fairy appears in the picture (i.e. on your child’s pillow or flying over their head), and once you’re done, you can save the image to your camera roll or post it on social.

Price: Free, offers in-app purchases


If you’re looking for pretty fairies to appear next to your sleeping sweetie, iCaughtTheToothFairy is a good choice. Import a photo of your child and you can add Tooth Fairy stickers into the image. The images aren’t animated like other apps, but what sets iCaughtTheToothFairy apart is that it offers fairies of various ethnicities. Picture packages are available if you simply can’t choose which fairy you like the best. The app also offers Santa Claus and Easter Bunny stickers as well.

Price: Free, offers in-app purchases


Tooth Fairy CAMERA

For the child who might question the validity of a superimposed picture of the Tooth Fairy, there’s the Tooth Fairy CAMERA. Make sure that your child is sleeping soundly, and download the app. Once you start recording, the Tooth Fairy will fly around the room. In order to ensure that she’s the right size, you can pinch the image in or out. Swap out her skin or hair color by tapping on the colored circles. In addition to looking for your child’s room, the Tooth Fairy might bring them a coin, too. But be warned: if she gets scared, the Tooth Fairy will escape!

Price: free, offers in-app purchases


Call Tooth Fairy Voicemail

Your kid took a tumble at the playground and, welp, their front teeth were collateral damage. No worries, because your child can call the Tooth Fairy and tell them that they need to come to your house and take those teeth right away! The Call Tooth Fairy Voicemail lets your kiddo place a call to the Tooth Fairy and tell them how they lost their teeth (or let her know about a tooth that’s almost ready to come out). They’ll hear a voicemail message and also be able to leave a message for her, too. If you upgrade in the app, your kid can even text her, too.

Price: free, offers in-app purchases

You can use technology to your advantage by downloading some Tooth Fairy apps. They might make your little one (and maybe even you) believers in the sweetness of the fairylike fables we lovingly tell our children.

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