Author Dr. Keith Kantor Wants To Help Parents Encourage Healthy Eating Habits

Author’s Corner: Dr. Keith Kantor

Why did you decide to write the book, What Matters?

I wrote the book hoping I could make an impact on the healthcare crisis and help the leaders of American businesses improve their companies and their relationships with their employees.

What do you want the take away of the book to be?

I want the take away to be two fold, one is that the government cannot solve the healthcare crisis only the American people can do that by taking charge of their health and living a healthy lifestyle and American business leaders have to show their employees that they really care about them and believe they are the greatest company asset.

How can we get Americans to eat more all-natural foods and less processed foods?

We can get Americans to eat more all-naturals foods by educating them on the real health benefits of doing so and the negatives of eating processed foods. This must begin in the schools at the very early grades. Then the children will come home and ask their parents about what they were taught in class and the process will begin.

What can the average person do to help in this movement?

The average person can help in this movement by demanding proper labeling on our foods and then vote with their dollars at the stores and companies that provide transparency with their food products. They can also learn as much as they can about healthy living so they really understand it’s importance in our lives.

What can parents do to encourage their children to eat more natural foods?

Parents can make healthy eating fun and lead by example. When the children do something good, the reward cannot be a cupcake but a piece of fruit. My new book that comes out this month will go a long way in helping with that.

What has the response been to the book?

The response to the book has been excellent. I have been on or in over 300 magazines, radio shows, T.V. shows and major blogs in the last year about the book and interest is still growing. I think the timing was just right with the current health care crisis.

Do you plan to write a follow-up?

I have a new book coming out this month called “The Green Box League of Nutritious Justice” and the subtitle is “Great health and disease prevention for children and their families”. It has animated characters of all the fruits, vegetables and healthy proteins. The head good guys are Knute Trition, X R Size and Ed U Cation. They do battle with the bad guys which are called the Legion of Unhealthy Injustice. The top bad guy is OBCD. They also have the Salty Snake and the Sugar Shark. I tried to make it fun and entertaining for the children to hold their interest. I also have in the book several articles on healthy living, exercises you can do together as a family ,healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, shopping tips, safety tips, health tips, PALA+ and much more. I am very excited about it and think it will have a great impact on the way we teach our children.

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