Courtney Mazza Lopez Talks Charity, Children, & Finding Her Own Parenting Style

Courtney Mazza Lopez
Extra, extra! Courtney Mazza Lopez is one cool —and charitable— mom. We caught up with Courtney and spoke about her second pregnancy, how she hopes to be a mom just like her own mother, and why hubby Mario Lopez is a pushover when it comes to their daughter, Gia.


Courtney, how has your second pregnancy been?

I’m very lucky. My first pregnancy with Gia was very simple and easy, and this one is basically the same thing.

You know that everyone is going to hate you, so you’d better lie and say that you had horrible morning sickness.

[laughs] Okay, I was sick for a week but that was before I found out that I was pregnant. I don’t know if that counts, though!

And you’re having a…delivery surprise.

Yes, we wait.

Is that hard to do?

It was hard for my first one. You need to do all this stuff to prepare. But this time around, I’m so busy with Gia that it’s easier. I’m not going to lie; when I go to the doctor, I do look to see if I see anything. [laughs]

Courtney Mazza Lopez

How has Gia been during this pregnancy?

I don’t now if she really understands there’s a baby in my belly. She said that there was a dog in my belly, so she is definitely not grasping the concept! She has her Bitty Baby that she pretends is her baby. When it won’t go to sleep, she hits it.

Wow, she’s an old school mom.

[laughs] Yes, she is.

So without knowing the sex of the baby, how have you designed your nursery?

Well, we’re moving Gia out of her room into another room. And then I started doing the nursery.

I worked with Bratt Décor on designing the nursery; it’s such a dream to work with him. It’s hard again because you don’t know the sex, so everything has to be neutral. With Gia, we did a silver and gray theme and after she was born we added pink accents. With this one, I want to do expresso dark furniture, because I want it to be different.

Now, how has Mario been during this second pregnancy?

He’s wonderful. He wants to have ten kids, which I find very funny because he’s not going to have them with me! It’s the right time in his life; he loves his family and he’s happy that he has his own family. And every time he comes home, Gia runs to the door and says “Daddy! Daddy!”

She’s at that age where she’s become a little person with personality.

And then some. She’s very outgoing and vivacious and she just makes us laugh everyday. It’s amazing to see how she’s grown and what she’s learning. I wonder, “How do you know what that means?” It’s interesting, so I have to watch what I say now. I said a bad word the other day and she said it, too. I have to admit that I laughed.

Did she use it appropriately?

Yes, she did! She dropped something and then said it.

How have you been preparing Gia for the baby?

I started her in a Montessori program. It’s good for her to have her own thing. I wanted her to be in a program before the baby was born so she didn’t feel like she was being shipped off.

Courtney Mazza Lopez

I know that charity is a very important thing for you.

Yes, it is. I’m really excited about the event I went to today at NessaLee Baby. There’s really nothing more exciting than seeing super cute baby items. I also love that you can drop off items for Baby Buggy, too, which helps people who are in need of basic baby items. It’s always great to support that.

I’m grateful and fortunate for the life that I have. One my best friends from high school started an organization called Jameson’s Army. Her son was born with two heart chambers, so in lieu of wedding presents, we donated to the charity instead. I’ve always been charitable, but it’s different when you have kids. Sometimes, you don’t truly get it until you become a parent.

How would you describe yourself as a mom?

Jennifer, I’m still trying to figure that out. [laughs] Gia is at a stage where there are things that she really likes; so if she doesn’t behave I will take away her princess dresses. Mario is really bad at backing me up because he never wants to be the bad guy. So when I reprimand her, she’ll cry and say, “Daddy, Daddy.”

And is Gia speaking any Spanish?

She is. I don’t know any, but Mario’s family is teaching her, so we’re both learning. But she’ll mix Spanish and English. Like, she’ll say, “Agua, please!”  And we’re big on “please” and “thank you.” One time, there was an hour standoff because Mario wanted her to say please and she just wouldn’t. Finally, she said loudly, “Por favor!” I laughed because she still didn’t want to say, “please” so she found another way to do it.

Courtney Mazza Lopez

How is your parenting style different from your own mother’s style?

My mom is with me all the time. It’s amazing being a mom, because I find myself going to my own mom for advice. Although I do find myself waking Gia up more gently than she did with us. She’d yell, “It’s 10:00 AM! Get up!” and take the sheets off of us. [laughs] But sometimes I think, “God, am I going to be equipped with all this info when Gia is my age and comes to me for help?” I think that, in the end, I will be ready.

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