This Retro Disney Micky Mouse Toaster Will Make Breakfast So Much Better

Getting kids up and out of bed is one thing, but getting them to eat is entirely another. And for the mornings when you just need them to move, breakfast better be good. So if you want to serve up something good that will actually get them to eat, this Disney Mickey Mouse 2 Slice Toaster will make your mornings toast — in a totally delish way.

When it comes to quick breakfasts, you can’t beat toast. Pop a slice (or two) of bread into the machine, slather on some butter, cream cheese — or if your kid is adventurous, some sliced avocado with salt on it. It’s also one of the best grab-and-go breakfast items out there, because it’s portable and doesn’t make too much of a mess.

Thing is, toast can become boring after a while. That’s what makes the Disney Mickey Mouse 2 Slice Toaster so appealing. Each slice of toast will have an imprint of Mickey Mouse himself on it. The toaster has extra wide slots so that thicker slices of bread can easily fit into the unit. For that matter, you might even want to try toasting a half bagel and seeing Mickey appear on it.

Now, some kids like their toast ever-so-slightly brown, while others want it super crunchy. No matter, since there’s an adjustable browning control so that you can give your child the level of doneness that they want.

As for safety features, well, the Disney Mickey Mouse Toaster has non-skid rubber feet, so you won’t have to worry about it sliding all over your countertop. Plus, it has a high rise toast lift, so that you won’t have to worry about little fingers getting burned on it. And when it’s time to collect the crumbs that have accumulated at the bottom, there’s a hinged crumb tray that can easily be pulled out to keep the toaster clean.

So the next time you’re on breakfast duty, break out this Mickey Mouse Toaster, and watch how fast it’s all eaten.

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