8 Month Old Milestones: Development, Growth, Speech, Language, And More

You’re at a Mommy & Me class with your 8 month old when you notice that some of the other babies are already beginning to crawl. When you look at your little one, though, they’re sitting on the floor and happily gumming a toy guitar instead. So if you’re wondering what 8 month old milestones are (and if your child is meeting them), this is what you need to know. 


8 month development milestones

As a parent, you always want your child to meet their milestones, no matter how old they are. And for a baby at 8 months of age, there are some that they’ll need to achieve to avoid developmental delays in the future. As far as 8 month developmental milestones go, these are the most important ones. 


Physical development

Gross motor skills

Despite its somewhat scary-sounding name, there’s nothing gross about gross motor skills, which require your baby to use their entire body (such as the larger muscles in their legs, torso, and arms) for movement. For example, 8 month gross motor milestones might include Baby being able to roll in both directions while awake and asleep. Sitting up without support, scooting, and crawling can also be expected during this stage. Researchers even found that the development of motor skills in early childhood plays a pivotal part in boosting cognitive abilities for the future.


Fine motor skills

Unlike gross motor skills, fine motor skills are focused on the muscles in the fingers, hands, and wrists. When it comes to 8 month fine motor milestones, expect your baby to take an object out of a cup as well as grasp small objects in their fingers. At this stage, Baby can pass items from one hand to the other which reinforces their hand-eye coordination. 



Finally, those 3:00 a.m. one-sided conversations with your cutie are about to pay off. Of all the 8 month milestones Baby will experience, babbling is by far one of the cutest. Since 8 month old language development can be very interactive, don’t be surprised to hear your little sweetie answering you by saying things like, “Babababa.” And since your baby is intently watching your facial expressions, they’ll probably keep chatting with you, especially if they see how excited you get because they’re reaching their 8 month old speech milestones.



Remember when you were lucky to get a solid two hours of sleep? Thankfully, those days are gone, since one of the many amazing milestones an 8 month old can accomplish is sleeping for a 9-12 hour stretch at night. Room-sharing (but not bed-sharing) is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) for the first 6 months of life to reduce the risk of SIDS. Of course, Baby should always be put on their back to sleep, even if you find them snoozing on their stomach come morning. 



Chalk it up to all those scrambled eggs your baby devours during dinner, and you can expect your child to pack on a few pounds during this period. Weight gain can vary from baby to baby, but most 8 month old babies weigh between 17.5 – 22 pounds. Your baby will need to consume between 750-900 calories per day, of which 400-500 should be from formula or breast milk to aid in brain development and overall health and well-being. 



Now is the time when you can really have some fun with your sweetie! Take out their toys and prepare to play games that are sure to elicit giggles from both of you. From building blocks (and knocking them down) to playing with pots and pans, the activities you can do with an 8 month old are endless. 


5 development tips for 8 months


Support their speech skills

Constant communication with your child (such as singing a lullaby or reading bedtime stories while taking turns) will help boost their verbal skills. Ask Baby questions, like, “Where is the ball?” while pointing to the object and repeating the word. 


Encourage crawling

If your little one is rocking (but not rolling), it’s time to get down on all fours — literally. You can crawl alongside your kiddo to show them how it’s done or place a toy slightly out of reach to get Baby up and moving. 


Play up object permanence

As part of your 8 month old development checklist, prioritize the concept of object permanence. Games such as Peek-A-Boo are not only a fun part of playtime, but help your child learn that you’re still there even when they can’t see you. 


Finesse their fine motor skills

Sure, they might enjoy sucking on their thumb, but it’s time to put those fingers to work. Encourage finger feeding, which boosts fine motor skills, independent eating — and lots of Instagram-worthy shots of Baby with avocado all over their face. 


Get social

You’re doing a Target run when your normally mild-mannered baby starts screaming as a person approaches them. Stranger anxiety is a very real thing for babies at this stage, so as part of their 8 month old emotional development, be sure to get Baby outside (and often!) for playdates and trips to the park.  


Takeaway: Development milestones for 8 month olds

Although all of your baby’s ages and stages can be exciting, the 8-month mark might be one of the most interesting and entertaining. From learning to crawl to the early stages of speech, your baby really begins to embrace who they are. If you’re ever concerned that your child might be having delays, speak to their pediatrician so they can identify (and address) any potential 8 month old milestone red flags. In the meantime, get ready to be on the move with your baby as you learn and grow — together. 





















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