These $5 School Supplies From Target Will Get You Into The Back-To-School Spirit

Back-to-school shopping might be one of my most favorite times to hit the stores with my kids. I mean, what’s not to love? The scent of newly sharpened pencils and erasers is enough to get me all giddy inside. And these $5 school supplies from Target will get your kids set up for school — and won’t break your budget, either.

Even as a kid, I’ve always loved buying school supplies. There’s something about it signifying a fresh start to the school year. Everything is sparkly and brand new. It just holds so much promise that it’s hard not to get wrapped up in the excitement of it all. And for the most part, my kiddos have adopted my sense of enthusiasm when it comes to purchasing, say, pencils and pens for school. So if you still haven’t checked off all the items on your child’s school supply list yet, check out these $5 school supplies from Target that are geared for the elementary school set. Your wallet will thank you.

Crayola UltraClean Crayons Washable 24ct

If you’ve ever tried scrubbing crayons from your walls, you know it’s no fun. Now, your mini Matisse’s masterpieces don’t stand a chance with these Crayola crayons that are washable, which are washable from both skin and clothing. Moms everywhere are breathing a collective sigh. ($2)


Crayola Markers Broad Line 10ct Classic

When it comes to coloring, you can’t beat the classics. And the shades that your kids want to color with are all represented in this 10 ct Crayola marker box. Plus, they’re non-toxic, so your child can draw to his heart’s content. ($1)


Silver Heart Peekaboo Sequin Pouch

Now your child can show her love for writing when she stores her pens and pencils in the Silver Heart Peekaboo Sequin Pouch. There are hot pink sequins that float inside the heart, and the shiny silvery finish gives the pencil case just enough bling to make math less boring. ($5)


Elmer’s Washable Glue Sticks Disappearing Purple- 6 ct

Keeping it all together will be a breeze with these Elmer’s Washable Glue Sticks. The glue goes on purple so your kiddo can see where he glued, but then it dries clear for a cleaner look. Arts & crafts have never been so easy to do. ($3)


Fiskars Pointed-tip Kids Scissors 5”

Sure, your kid might be a cut up in class, but cutting his construction paper projects will be a cinch. The Fiskars scissors come with a safety-edge blade that will keep your child’s fingers safe. And its ergonomic design means that the scissors will be easy to handle. ($2)


Ticonderoga Erasers, 15 ct, Multicolor

Mistakes aren’t a match for the erasers from Ticonderoga. The multipack has large erasers as well as those to put on top of your child’s pencils. And in fun colors like yellow, hot pink, and purple, goofs will be gone in an instant. ($2)


Lingo’s Snap Bracelet Ruler

Your child won’t mind following the rules when he gets to wear the Snap Bracelet Ruler from Lingo’s. The bracelet, which measures an even 12 inches, is fashionable yet functional. The kids in your child’s math class might feel like they don’t measure up. ($3)


Paper Mate 5pk Marker Pens Multicolor Ink

Getting her thoughts down on paper has never been easier than with Paper Mate’s Flair! Pens. The pens offer smear-resistant ink that is smudge-proof, and since it’s water-based, it won’t bleed through the paper, either. And with its colorful inks, your child’s words will pop right off of the page. ($4)


Writer Dudes #2 Wooden Pencils, 24ct

Your scholar can show off his patriotism (and last night’s math homework) when he uses these USA Gold pencils from Write Dudes. They’re made from cedar and sharpen easily and effectively. And if your child has a latex sensitivity, the erasers are latex-free. ($4)


Mead Primary Composition Journal, Grades K-2

Elementary school and composition notebooks are a match made in heaven. This notebook from Mead offers solid and dotted lines for those learning how to write. It also has a manuscript alphabet in case your kid is confused on how to draw his B’s from his D’s. ($5)

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