These Are The Back To School Items You Never Knew You Needed…Until Now

When it comes time for kids to head back to school, you’ll most likely consult the school supply list for the items your kids will need. And more often than not, you’ll still wind up buying more things as your children transition into their classes. But there are back to school items that you never knew you needed…until now.

I’m a firm follower of school supply lists. Whatever is one them, I get. And inevitably, I’ll buy more items (you can never have too many #2 pencils, after all) just to make sure that my kids don’t run out. Even still, there are products that will make your kids’ lives (and yours) a whole lot easier. From snacks to safety, check out these back to school items that you won’t find on any school supply list.


SodaStream Fizzi

Sure, you’d like your kid to only drink water, but they might miss the bubbles from carbonated drinks. That’s why SodaStream Fizzi is a healthy alternative to sugary drinks. You can make sparkling water with just a touch (or two) of the button. And the SodaStream Fizzi is a super space saver, which means it can earn a permanent spot on your kitchen countertop. ($90)

ClosetMaid Storage Locker

If you’re looking to make room for your kids’ bookbags and binders but don’t have the time or energy to invest in redesigning your space, the Storage Locker from Closet Maid is a mudroom miracle. The shelving system comes complete with three hooks that can hang backpacks and jackets, and the two bottom bins can hold drawers or bins that might house your kids sneakers and shoes. Finally, everything will (neatly) be in its place. ($65)



Sending your kiddo off to college this year? Then give him a virtual box of memories, thanks to Legacybox. The leader in digital technology, Legacybox can convert home movies, tapes, photos, negatives, and more so that your child can feel like his family is right there with him as he begins his college career. And since dorms are notoriously short on space, he can easily access images and video from a thumb drive, DVD, or the cloud. Legacybox just might encourage your kid to come back home from college more often. (prices vary)


MadeGood Snacks

Move over, salty chips and glazed donuts. The snacks from MadeGood deserve a place in your child’s lunchbox. They’re made in a facility that’s free from the most common allergens like peanut, tree nuts, dairy, egg, sesame, fish, wheat, and shellfish. Plus, they taste really great, too. Our faves: Apple Cinnamon Granola Bars, and the Double Chocolate Soft Baked Mini Cookies. Yum (prices vary)

Little Lucky Lunchbox

Your cold lunch kid will love opening up his lunchbox to find a Little Lucky Lunchbox inside. The uber adorable collection features mini lunchboxes that are filled with 2 Foodie Friends (such as an adorable hot dog, pancakes, a burger…even sushi), 1 Little Foodie, a sticker, and a collector’s guide. These culinary cuties are adorable and addicting. Hopefully they get your child to eat his entire meal. ($6)


Kids sometimes say the darndest things — in the car. For those times when you can’t capture the moment on your phone, you can use Owlcam. Not only does it provide safety by recording real-time HD road footage, but you can also use the dashcam to record cute conversations while driving with your kiddos. ($300)


Skrible is one pencil case that you might want to borrow from your kid. With its hard shell, you won’t have to worry about broken pencil points or pens leaking from being banged around in your child’s backpack. And with its cool designs, it just might make you miss you were back in school. Almost. ($20-$26)

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