Say Yes To The Dress Nicole Sacco Talks Kleinfeld, Brides, And Rocking High Heels At 9 Months Pregnant

Nicole Sacco is Saying Yes To The…Baby! As the Director of Sales of Kleinfeld (the world’s most popular wedding gown store) and star of TLC’s hit show “Say Yes To The Dress”, Nicole has helped countless brides find the dress of their dreams. Today, Nicole’s own dream is coming true as she prepares for the arrival of her first child (a boy!). Nicole spoke candidly with Celebrity Parents about Kleinfeld, her difficulties becoming pregnant, and why in the end, it’s all about family.


Nicole, you and I worked together at Kleinfeld when you were a sales consultant and I was a writer for Kleinfeld, but how long have you actually worked here?
I started working here ten years ago as an intern right out of F.I.T. in NYC and I never left. Ronnie [Rothstein] and Mara [Urshel], the owners, have given me the opportunity to grow in this company, and now I’m one of the Directors.What does your job entail?
I love what I do, and I think it shows. I’m in charge of the sales floor, and the sales staff. It’s a detail job, and I’m on my feet 24/7. Ultimately, my job is to make sure that all of Kleinfeld’s brides’ dreams are coming true!

Let’s talk about the TLC show, “Say Yes To the Dress”. How did it come to be?
We were approached to do the show. I’ll never forget how scared we all were. There were eight of us who were approached, out of 280 employees. It was an honor to be chosen. “Say Yes To the Dress” has turned out to be incredible show. It shows the wedding dress process, from the bride trying on different styles and how the bridal consultant, the bridal director and Randy [Fenoli, the Fashion Director] all play a role. It’s a great show for someone who is getting married; it’s very educational. You get to see what silhouettes work on which body types. We’re going into our sixth season, so it’s been great for Kleinfeld.

So I have to ask: What dress did you pick for your wedding? I remember when I worked here that you loved a Monique Lhuillier dress.
Yes, I loved that dress, but I wound up choosing an Atelier Aimee dress. It was absolutely gorgeous. It was all lace, from head to toe. I never thought I would love lace, which is a sign that you never know what you’re going to love until you put it on.

And now you’re expecting your first baby. Let’s talk about that.
My husband Johnny and I got married in 2003. We bought a house, enjoyed our lives and then decided three years ago to try to start a family. After a year of it not happening on its own, we decided to seek some help. We went to an amazing doctor, and I was pregnant but then miscarried.

Did you do IVF?
No. We went through a process of taking medication, but we didn’t have to do in-vitro. If I had to, I would have taken off my left arm to have this child. It didn’t make a difference to me how long or how, but I knew if I kept my eye on the prize, it would eventually work. And it did. I’m expecting my son this winter. This pregnancy has felt so right, although it hasn’t been without its complications.

You were recently diagnosed with gestational diabetes.
I just got diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which is another hump that we have to get over. Now I’m taking insulin shots, so it’s been quite a ride. The doctor has me in a good balance with diet and shots at night. All of these little challenges will make me appreciate my son a little more every day. The baby is almost 4 pounds already, so he’s coming early. Hopefully he’ll be here Christmas week. I feel that God is truly blessing us. I’m very much in love with my husband, and now I’m going to have another man in my life. I’m just embracing this time and appreciating all of it.

Your little guy is going to be your Christmas present.
He is. I told my husband, “Don’t buy me anything, because there’s nothing in the world that you could ever beat than this.” [laughs]

Let’s talk about the baby’s name.
We’re naming him Tristan. It’s a funny story: My husband and I have both watched Legends of the Fall. We wanted a different name and I really loved the name Tristan. I thought my husband wanted a John Jr., though, and I told him that if he wanted to name the baby John Jr. that was fine with me. So my anniversary rolls around and my husband had sent me a beautiful email. He wished me a Happy Anniversary and at the end of the email it read: “Rub your belly, and tell Tristan that I love him.”

I was hysterical crying and said, “Yes! This is great!” The name represents strength, and I think he’s a fighter. This baby fought his way to Johnny and I, and he’s fighting now as we go through diabetes together. He’s going to be an ox.

Nicole, I have to say, you’re totally cool, because you’re eight weeks away from giving birth and you are rocking some serious high heels.
I’m still working, still in high heels, still putting in 50 hours a week. This is what keeps me going; this is what keeps my mind off of the harder parts. What am I going to do, sit at home and marinade in the fact that I have gestational diabetes and feel sorry for myself? For me, it’s nice to come here and work. I like seeing the looks on the brides’ faces when they see me. They say: “We didn’t know you were pregnant?!” I tell them, “The TV world and our world are two different things.” Everybody at work has embraced the fact that I’m having a baby. They all knew my husband and I were struggling. So when I found out I was pregnant, it was so special for me to share it with all the girls.

Kleinfeld is your other family.
This is my other family. I actually spend more time here than I do with my real family! When I announced that I was pregnant, there were tears and such joy. It was a really happy moment. This baby is going to have a million grandmothers and aunts! Ronnie said that he wants to be the baby’s Jewish grandfather! [laughs] He says all the time that my son is going to have a bris!

I just love Mara and Ronnie.
They are still the same people; they have not changed at all. As big as the store has gotten, it is still very much Mom and Pop. They build amazing connections with everyone. Ronnie will give out his phone number and tell brides to call him up until midnight. You don’t get better service than that; when does a business owner give you his home phone number? That’s a big deal. You just fall in love with the people here at Kleinfeld and I think that’s why the people who work here stay for so long. We walk through all these tiny journeys together and we wind up learning and embracing things, because we go through them together.

Hair: Grace Baptiste
Makeup: Karen Swaby
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