The Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Dads 2023

Father’s Day will be here before you know it, and that means one thing: you’ll need to get a gift for the guy in your life. But what will it be? It’s not always easy to know what your partner, dad, or the father figure in your life would want. You can always go the classic route and get very dad-oriented gifts (you know, like a tie or something to help him get his grill on). Or you can think somewhat outside the box and find a gift that’s part practical, part fun, and will be appreciated by both dads and grandads alike.

These Father’s Day gifts offer a little something for everyone. You’ll find items that are edible (like popcorn in fun flavors to chocolates that go far beyond your basic milk chocolate bar). You’ll also discover gifts that cater to his musical side, as well as ones that can be added on to his workout routine. For dads who can’t be without their dog, there’s even a gift that’s perfect for pooches. Clothing is also covered on this Father’s Day gifts list, and if he’s picked up a penchant for pickle ball, well, he just might find a new paddle that will help him perfect his game.

These Father’s Day gifts are a starting point if you’re trying to figure out what to get your guy this year, especially if you’ve got a guy who is fine with “whatever.”


An Engraved Grill Set To Help Him Get His Grill On

Summertime means warm weather, backyard BBQs, and Dad at the grill. Instead of him using the same ol’ spatula, get him this Grill Master Gift Set from Groovy Guy Gifts. The set come with quality BBQ tools like a stainless steel spatula, fork, and tongs, but what truly sets this gift apart is the box that it comes in. The personalized grill set can be personalized with up to two lines of text (think “World’s Greatest Dad”) and his name in the center. This set is sure to become your father’s favorite. While he can store the utensils in the beautiful box between BBQs, it can be also used as a keepsake or storage box for Dad’s sentimental items.

To buy: Grill Master Gift Set, $69.99


Popcorn That Comes In Flavors Like Pina Colada

You can’t really go wrong with food for a Father’s Day gift. And if you’re looking for something to make the holiday pop, try Epic Gourmet Popcorn. Their Epic Pick 3 Box has some pretty savory flavors like Buffalo Wings, Dill Pickle, and Jalapeno Cheddar, while sweeter options like Birthday Cake, Grape, and White Chocolate Drizzle can satisfy any sweet tooth. Each flavor comes in a 7-cup resealable bag to keep the popcorn fresh for days.

To buy: Epic Popcorn Pick 3 Box, $35.95


Gym Equipment To Give Him A Total Workout

Move over, Dad bod. Your partner can finesse his physique, thanks to the MOTR Full Body Workout System. An all-in-one gym, you can have a full-body workout that will build agility, balance, strength, and target training for both upper and lower body. And if he wants to crank up those core muscles, the system can help him attain those abs he wants. The cylinder base has plenty of padding for rolling, stretching, and the resistance arm allows you to increase or decrease difficulty. Plus, it’s portable, so he can work out wherever (and whenever) he wants.

To buy: MOTR Full Body Workout System, $249


A Charging Station For All His Devices

Tech can keep your guy on track, but all those cables can become a tangled mess. Enter the ChargeTree Go, a portable wireless charging station. Not only can it charge three devices at once (think an iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch) but it does so sans cables. It takes up minimal desk or counter space, since it can fold up flat once all your items are done charging, meaning you’ll never see that dreaded 10% battery life warning again.

To buy: ChargeTree Go, $119.95


A Guitar To Make Music With

Whether he’s a novice or a full-fledged musician, getting a guitar for Father’s Day is kind of a cool gift. The GS Mini Mahogany from Taylor Guitars boasts a solid mahogany top with a layered sapele back and sides and a West African Crelicam ebony fretboard. It’s made from responsibly sourced materials and even comes with a gig bag so he can tote it to any audition or gig he’s got.

To buy: GS Mini Mahogany, $599


Vitamins To Keep Him Healthy

The gift of good health is something everyone needs. So if it’s your dad, partner, grandad, or a father figure, you can give him some supplements to ensure good gut health and overall wellness. For starters, Solaray offers Tongkat Ali 400 mg, a Southeast Asian herb that promotes men’s health and well-being, among all its wide range of wellness products. Or you might want to try Liposomal Men’s Multivitamin, which offers core vitamins and minerals for an active, healthy lifestyle. And the Mycrobiome Probiotic Men’s Formula provides potent hormone balance along with prostate and colon health to aid in healthy digestion and immune system support.

To buy: Solaray, prices vary


Customized Ice Cubes That Are As Cool As He Is

Dad’s cup will runneth over when he sees Siligrams‘ “Best Dad” ice cubes in his drink for Father’s Day. The personalized ice cube trays come in three sizes and can be customized with text, graphics, logos, or even monograms. The genuine silicone molds are made in the USA and are non-toxic and temperature resistant. Use filtered or distilled water to ensure that the ice cubes come out crystal clear so that Dad can see how much he’s loved. It’ll definitely make that iced tea will go down a lot smoother — and sweeter.

To buy: Siligrams, $24.97


A Hammock For Him To Relax In

Sleepy Sunday mornings will take on a new meaning when you get him the Travel Hammock from Gentleman’s Hardware. The hammock is durable, meaning it won’t collapse if the kiddos climb in there with him. But the hammock isn’t only for backyard use; you can take it with you on any kind of adventure, from sleeping under the stars to taking a break after a strenuous hike. With its easy setup, it’s the ideal way to spend the day savoring the rest he deserves.

To buy: Travel Hammock, $46


A Pair Of Shorts That Are Stylish And Soft

Shorts might not seem like a special gift for Father’s Day — unless it’s the Interloop Sweat Short from Buck Mason, for example. The full-cut shorts offer extra coverage so the dad figure in your life won’t have to worry about over exposure. They’re made from cotton French terry, making them super soft. But what sets these shorts apart is how strong they are, which can immediately be felt once you put them on. They’re also designed to not shrink, so you won’t have to worry about the shorts losing their length. Slash pockets and a back patch pocket mean that he can easily carry his keys and phone, too.

To buy: Interloop Sweat Short, $88


A Neck Pillow That’s Perfect For Plane Rides

Let’s face it: having your head hanging forward mid-flight isn’t the ideal way to travel. But when you have a neck pillow (like the one from Miniso), you’ll feel more well-rested as your neck soaks up all that cushy comfort. The Miniso Neck Protection Memory Foam U-Shaped Pillow with Sleep Mask is meant to offer you the best sleep, no matter where you are. The ergonomic shape allows you to rest without hurting your shoulders or neck. And thanks to the 100% polyurethane filling, the U-shaped pillow won’t become, well, another uncomfortable letter of the alphabet. Take it with you on car rides (when you’re the passenger), on planes — anyplace where you can give your body the break it needs. .

To buy: Miniso Neck Protection Memory Foam U-Shaped Pillow with Sleep Mask, $9.99


Eye Masks To Make Him Look Like He Got A Full Night’s Sleep

Say goodbye to undereye bags when you use the Blue Eye Masks from Grace & Stella. He’ll look rested and recharged when using these undereye bags, since they reduce puffiness, swelling, and offer cooling touch, too, especially when they’re kept cold. Not only are they vegan, but they’re paraben and sulfate-free as well. These awesome undereye masks are formulated with niacinamide and hyaluronic acid to restore moisture to the under-eye area, which can combat dark circles and make your man look and feel his best.

To buy: Blue Eye Masks, $18.95


A Backpack That Lets You Take Your Dog With You — Anywhere

If the highlight of your hubby’s day is taking the dog for a walk, he’ll love the Original Doggy Bag Backpack by Rubyloo. The 6-piece set contains two large compartments, two travel dog bowls that are collapsible, an insulated dog food travel container (complete with a leak proof lining!), and a placemat with waterproof lining, too. So if you want to take your dog on a hike or a road trip, you won’t have to worry about schlepping water and food bowls, and tote this backpack instead. Your dog (and your partner) will probably wag their tails in excitement. And if you needed another reason to purchase the product, a portion of the proceeds goes to Rubyloo’s rescue partners.

To buy: Original Doggy Bag Backpack, $42.95


Sneakers That Are Stylish & Sexy For A Night Out

When your guy’s go-to pair of shoes are sneakers, you can help him elevate his fashion sense with The Lion sneakers from Novella. The design, inspired by comedian Akaash Singh, sports a midnight blue jacquard that’s both sleek and sexy. Even the tongue on the sneakers is stylish, since it features an embroidered lion’s head that feels like velvet. But while you might think that the showstopper are the bright pink footbeds that have a pretty palm print, it’s the outsole of the sneaks that have an intricate illustration that are just as bold as Singh himself.

To buy: The Lion sneakers, $385


A Cocktail Kit To Create Cool Drinks

Raise a glass to dear ol’ Dad in style when you gift him a kit to help him create his favorite bevvie. Cocktail Kits 2 Go has everything you’ll need to serve up some adult beverages in an instant. Each kit comes with the ingredients and instructions you’ll need to craft four cocktails. All you need to do is mix them together, add your favorite spirits, and enjoy the drinks with family or friends. The kits — which come in vintage style travel tins — range in flavors from Old Fashioned to Mojito and Martini.

To buy: Cocktail Kits 2 Go, $17.95


A Car Fragrance To Make His Mustang Smell Better

Between soccer cleats clanking around in the backseat to leftover fast food wrappers that didn’t make it into the trash, cars can get kind of stinky after awhile. Now, Dad’s cruiser can smell a lot sweeter when he uses a car fragrance diffuser from Pura. The sleek and compact design won’t clash with the car’s interior, and it can be mounted anywhere in the vehicle, not just on the vents. Its Bluetooth-enabled technology allows you to control the level of scent you want, and the motion detection feature means that the unit will only work when the car is on and can last for up to a month.

To buy: Pura Car Diffuser, $34.99


A Stylish Shirt To Stave Off The Sun’s Rays

Getting a sunburn isn’t fun. That’s why having a shirt to protect your sensitive skin during the summer is so important. AmberNoon’s UPF Mens Long Sleeve Top does just that. The stylish shirt boasts soft fabric that gives additional stretch, so it won’t stick to your skin or feel constricting. Made in the USA, the shirt is designed to block out a whopping 98% of UV rays, and reduces UV radiation exposure as well, even up to and after 40 washes. The shirt measures longer in the back so Dad won’t have to worry when he’s bending over or hike up his pants when sitting down. And with its half-zip mock design, Dad can stay as warm (or cool) as he wants.

To buy: UPF Mens Long Sleeve Top, $50


A Pickleball Starter Set For Pops

It’s hard to say when Pickleball became one of the most popular sports of all time. But it’s here, and almost everyone is obsessed with it, including your partner. So give the guy the Pickleball Starter Pack from Play-PKL. It comes with two paddles, a 3-pack of Banger Hard Court Green or Yellow Balls; essentially, everything you need in order to get your game on. With its bright colors and bold design, it’s going to be game on — or at least until he gets to 11 points, that is.

To buy: Pickleball Starter Pack, $145


A Facial Cleanser To Keep His Skin Smooth

If you thought that the beauty products cluttering the bathroom counter were only for moms, think again. Case in point: the Face Cleanser from Shiseido gives Dad the soft, smooth skin he deserves. Simply take a dime-size amount of cleanser into your hands, add some water, and rub together to form a luxurious lather. Applying the foam to the skin can help exfoliate it by removing debris, dirt, and other oils. But (woot woot), the 2-in-1 foaming wash doubles as a shaving cream as well.

To buy: Shiseido Men Face Cleanser, $25


Beer Darts (Because Throwing Pointy Objects At Cans Is A Good Time)

There’s nothing more fun than playing a game of beer darts while you’re plastered. And your guy is going to love Beer Darts which can take your drinking game to the next level. The set comes with an elevated holder to ensure that the drink cans stay stable while you’re shooting your shot. And because of its compact size, it’s totally portable so it can be used on game nights, campouts, or other outdoor activities. Just make sure that no one decides to hold a can while their opponent is about to throw the dart!

To buy: Beer Darts, $45-$58


Yummy Chocolates That *Aren’t* For Valentine’s Day

Sure, you might be used to chocolates that come with caramel, orange, or hazelnut. But what about more masculine flavors? Well, Grandpa can get to experience truffles that truly represent his own style. Delysia Chocolatier makes a Gentleman’s Collection Chocolate Truffles, a collection of chocolates that are absolutely delish. The 9-piece collection includes three chocolates each in flavors like Scotch, Dark, and Cigar. Each truffle is truly a work of art and comes in a beautiful box to make an amazingly edible present for a foodie father.

To buy: Gentleman’s Collection Chocolate Truffles, $28.95


These Father’s Day gifts can be a great way to celebrate the men most important to you in your life. They go far beyond presents; they show how much that special someone means to you, which is the biggest gift of all.

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