15 Mother’s Day Gifts on Amazon That Are Under $20

Although many moms might insist that they don’t want anything for Mother’s Day, they definitely do. There really isn’t one mom on the planet who wouldn’t want a gift on Mother’s Day. And while breakfast in bed and homemade cards written by your toddler with backwards R’s are cute, what’s better is when that Amazon truck leaves a delivery at your door. So if you’re looking for a present that won’t break the bank, these Mother’s Day gifts on Amazon are under $20, and will make her holiday even happier.


EarPods To Block Out The Battles Between The Kids

Earphones are easy to lose, but even easier to replace, thanks to these Apple EarPods on Amazon. They have that much-coveted USB-C plug so that they’ll work with her iPhone. The design also ensures that the EarPods will comfortably stay place in her ears, so she can listen to her fave audiobook, music, or even speak with her BFF, thanks to the built-in microphone. ($17.98)


Aromatherapy To Make Showers More Relaxing

Sure, it might be luxurious to take a long bath, but moms don’t have time for long soaks in the tub. Enter these shower bombs that give Mom a shower she won’t soon forget. In scents like lavender, menthol and eucalyptus, watermelon, and peppermint, the pretty bombs will make washing her hair so soothing ($16.99)


Ferrero Rocher Because You Can’t Go Wrong With Chocolate & Hazelnut

As far as gourmet treats go, Ferrero Rocher kind of has the market on hazelnut/chocolate confections. The mom in your life will surely appreciate this big ol’ box of Ferrero Rocher, which sports 42 individually wrapped candies that are enough to share with the fam — but she should really stash for herself. ($17.02)


A Body Brush To Scrub Her Skin

Being on the go all the time can pose a real impact to her feet. Help slough off the dead skin by gifting her a body brush. Unlike other body brushes that work best in the shower, this one can be used on dry skin to exfoliate clogged pores, stimulate the lymphatic system, and improve blood circulation. With its easy-to-grip design, her skin will be softer and smoother in no time. ($6.99)


A Sleep Eye Mask That Can (Hopefully) Get Her 8 Hours Of Sleep

A solid night’s sleep isn’t always possible when you’re a parent. But this silk sleep eye mask is going to do its best so that Mom snoozes soundly. It comes in a variety of colors, is hypoallergenic, and is made from mulberry silk. It fits your head and can be worn by anyone, regardless of your sleep position. And if all that weren’t enough, the mask also doubles as an (ahem) blindfold. ($9.99)


A Face Roller To Prevent Puffiness

The jade roller from Baimei will let her look like she got a lot of rest, even when Baby kept her up most of the night. The skincare face massager tool reduces facial puffiness and lifts the skin, offering instant energy and relief. Make sure she pops it in the fridge for maximum effect. ($7.49)


Dumbbells For The Mom Who’s Serious About Exercise

For the momma who wants to maximize her mornings, these workout dumbbells are a perfect way to get her reps in. The 5 lb. dumbbells can be used for light exercise or strength training. The hexagon shaped ends will ensure that the dumbbells will stay in place and won’t accidentally roll over her foot. The nonslip grip will keep her safe while she’s working out. ($14.93)


Salt And Pepper Grinders For The Foodie In The Family

Mom can shake up dinner (literally) with these salt and pepper grinders. Made from brushed stainless steel, the salt and pepper mills come in BPA-free glass bottles. With a 6 oz. capacity, she can fill the shakers full of Himalayan sea salt, peppercorns, or whatever spices she wants. The coarseness can be adjusted to suit how much salt she’d like to season her steak with. ($17.99)


A Cute French Press Coffee Maker

When a cup of coffee is calling her name, she’ll love this French press coffee maker on Amazon. Homemade coffee is ready in minutes, thanks to the machine’s filtration system that removes residue, resulting in a creamier coffee experience. You can even use the French press to make everything from tea, hot chocolate, cappuccinos, and cold brews. ($15.19)


Wine Glasses Because…Why Not

It’s 5:00 everyday when Mom gets to break out her stemless wine glasses. The gift comes in a set of four, which means that she can have her besties over for some pinot grigio. And worrying about breaking a wine stem is history, since these glasses fit perfectly in her hand and boast a broad base that is tip resistant. The stemless glasses hold up to 15 oz. of her favorite adult beverage, and when the party is over, they can be placed in the dishwasher until the next shindig. ($17.95)


A Candle To Make Her Bedroom Feel All Cozy

There’s nothing like a candle to make you feel all cozy and comfortable. The Yankee Candle in a Vanilla Crème Brulee scent is made from essential oils and comes in a premium soy-wax blend. The 10 oz. candle can burn between 40-65 hours for pure relaxation — or to cover the smell that one of the kids left behind in the bathroom. ($12.98)


Artificial Plants To Spruce Up Her Space

She might never win a Plant Lady prize, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to have some pretty petunias in her home. These small fake plants can give the look of a greenhouse sans all the work of watering and pruning. The 2-pack set is made from a high quality plastic material, which means that all she needs to do is dust them every now and then. Take that, green thumbed-people. ($7.49)


A Passport Cover For The Mom Who Loves To Travel

Even though the only jet setting she does is from school pickup to the supermarket, that doesn’t mean that Mom can’t dream of destinations she’d love to visit. Now, she can pretty up her passport with the passport holder cover wallet on Amazon. The cover can hold her passport as well as other essentials, like credit cards and cash, too. Made from eco-friendly synthetic leather, the cover clamps shut, ensuring that none of those essential travel items will get lost in transit — and maybe even her luggage, too. ($9.99)


Earrings For Any Ensemble

Hoops have a way of dressing up any outfit, from school drop-offs to date night. The 14k gold-plated chunky hoop earrings are 4.5mm thick and almost an inch long, making them the perfect length to make a statement. They’re lead-free, nickel-free, and hypoallergenic, and are even made from 100% recycled materials, making them eco-friendly and fabulous at the same time. ($11.60-$75.00)


A Rose That Won’t Wilt

By far, flowers are the number one gift for Mother’s Day. Thing is, in a few days, those buds are bound to droop, but not this rose flower gift. The artificial rose is housed in a glass dome, giving it Beauty and the Beast vibes. What makes this gift extra illuminating is the LED light strip that is wrapped around the rose. It’s sure to brighten her bedroom — and her mood. ($18.99)

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