5 Design Ideas To Make Your Home Feel Like An Amazing Staycation This Summer

You planned the perfect vacation with your family. You found flights that wouldn’t wreak too much havoc on your kids’ sleep schedules, and located family-friendly destinations that promised to offer something for everyone — even your testy tween. But then Covid-19 happened, and everyone’s travel plans got postponed. Although the crisis has gotten considerably better, it’s far from over, which means you might have to wait a while to take that trip. That doesn’t mean you can’t turn your home into an awesome Airbnb for both you and your babes. So whether it was a cruise or a Caribbean getaway, many of us will still be spending this summer at home. But being in your house doesn’t have to feel like you’re, well, at home. In fact, these decorating design ideas can make your home feel like a European vacation — no passport required. 

Add Lots Of Color

What would a European vacation be without bold colors? Even if you have a neutral palette in your home, adding colorful accents here and there will give your space an instant boost. You can even search up colors that connote the place you’d like to visit (think lavender for the Provence region in France). It will make you feel like you’re there….almost. 

Make It Scentsational

You might not be able to visit the beautiful beaches in Bora Bora, but that shouldn’t stop you from pretending like you’re there. You can find candles that have a similar scent to the place that you’d like to visit, such as fun florals to make you feel like you’re standing in a field of flowers anywhere in the world. In addition to the lovely smell, candles can add warmth and intimacy to any room. 

Add Lights

There’s nothing like having lots of twinkle lights to make you feel like you’re on vacay. So string some lights anywhere (and everywhere!), from your deck to around your pool. You can even add them in your living room and turn off your lamps for the ultimate illumination. 

Go Outdoors

One of the best parts of being on vacation is being outside and soaking up the sights and sounds of the area. But don’t let being at home deter you from doing this. Dine al fresco, either on a porch, patio, or your deck. Set the table as you might possibly find it at a fine restaurant, and use your best dishes and cutlery. Break open that bottle of wine that you’ve been saving, and have a sumptuous meal outside, complete with great music. 

Decorate With Flowers

Flowers have the ability to transform your home into feeling like you’re on vacation. Find out which flowers are popular in your chosen vacation locale (think white, yellow, and pink roses in Italy, for example), and fill your home with the sights and scents of beautiful flowers. You can even take the time to learn how to arrange them properly so you’ll think that you’re actually on vacation. 

You can create an incredible vacation all from the comfort of your couch. In fact, your staycation might turn out even more amazing than you imagined, which might make you realize that there’s no place like home after all. 

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