Do You Have Enough Privacy In Your Relationship?

Your husband asks where his car keys are…just as you sit down to binge watch Orange is the New Black. Your kids pound on the bathroom door when you need to, well, go. Sure, there’s not a lot of privacy in your relationship, but isn’t that to be expected? Thing is, when you don’t have enough you time it can take a toll that extends to the family and beyond. In the Happify infographic, “Why Me Time Matters When It Comes to Your Happiness,” you’ll see that most people don’t have me time…and are suffering because of it.

Alone time is important. Sure, you need it to unwind, but psychologists state that having down time allows you to focus better and actually can improve your productivity. Plus, it can enhance your relationships, which is beneficial, since 29 percent of spouses claim that they don’t have enough privacy or time for themselves in their relationships.

Since quality time is more important than quantity, experts urge people to find ways to score some more me time in their daily lives. Here are five tips on how to get more me time:

1- Wake up 30 minutes earlier each day.

2- When you’re at work, close your door to diminish interruptions.

3- Unplug from your gadgets.

4- Get outside. Instead of spending free time surfing Facebook, get out into nature. It can help relieve stress and boost your energy level.

5- Make it a date. Every month, schedule time for yourself to do something that you love.

Taking some time for yourself isn’t an exercise in guilt. Rather, by investing in yourself, you’ll become a better partner, parent, more productive, and yes, happier.

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