These Are The New Emojis Coming In 2020 That Parents Are Going To Love

Just when you thought that you had enough emojis in your life, there are now more coming to your iPhone to express exactly how you feel at any given moment of the day. From ninjas to roller skates, a ladder to blueberries, there are new emojis coming in 2020 that parents are going to love. Anatomically correct heart, anyone?

The Unicode Consortium announced the approval of (count ‘em) 117 new emojis that will roll out in 2020. Like its last round of emojis, there’s a big push for inclusivity and diversity, including a man with a veil in various skin tones as well Mx Claus, a gender inclusive emoji that is an alternative to Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. So here are some emojis that will take your texting to a whole new level.

Smiling Face With Tear

For the times when you laugh so hard that you cry, this emoji is perfect. It’s not a sad crying face, but rather happy tears. This one is going to be on heavy rotation on your texts. As far as the new emojis for 2020 go, this one is the rock star. 

Pinched Fingers

Being touted as both a chef’s kiss and an Italian gesture, the pinched fingers signify that something is amazing. Maybe it’s the dinner that your partner made last night…or the satisfaction that you feel that you finally got your toddler down for a nap. Anyway, when life is delicious, this is the emoji to use. 

Woman Feeding Baby

How many times do you get a call or text right when you’re feeding your baby? Too many times to count. With this emoji, you can send off a quick text to let someone know that your hands (and your heart) are full at the moment.

Man Feeding Baby

Because daddies do both feeding and diaper duty, too, it only makes sense to include an emoji of a dad feeding his child, too. And if your partner is pretending to not hear the baby crying, you can always send him this emoji so he knows to get that bottle ready. 

People Hugging

Sometimes, you just need a hug. Send this emoji if you’re having a rough day and need a healing hug from someone you love. 

Military Helmet

We predict this is going to be a very important emoji for many families with active duty military service members. Imagine sending this emoji to let your family know that your child is returning from a tour of duty. You can also use the icon to show your support for the armed forces. 


What’s a party without a pinata? Include this emoji as part of your list for your partner to use when picking up the party supplies. Be sure to also use the candy emoji so he remembers to fill it up with treats, too. 


Can’t get your tween to brush his teeth? Text him the toothbrush emoji to ensure that his pearly whites stay, well, white–and cavity-free. 


Let’s say that you caught your kiddo scaling his way out of his crib…again. Send your partner a pic of your kid escaping along with the ninja emoji, and marvel at his miraculous moves. 


So your kid thought it would be a good idea to see her Barbie “swim” in the toilet. Ahhh. Text your sweetie a plunger emoji and prepare yourselves for a crappy experience–literally.

While you’ll most likely find a use for all 117 emojis (even the prehistoric animal ones), you probably won’t even be able to remember what texting was like before you had them. 

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