Maternity Designer Rosie Pope Learns How To Be In The Moment

Rosie Pope is an entrepreneur mom who wears many gorgeous heels. As the star of Bravo’s hit series Pregnant in Heels, Pope makes sure that her clients look beautiful while tackling issues such as vaccinations, home births and placenta eating. Pope spoke with us about season 2 of her show, her new baby, daughter Vivienne, and learning how to be in the moment.

You recently gave birth to your third child, daughter Vivienne. What is life like now as a mom of three?

It’s great. We’ve gotten on a schedule so now it’s a bit easier. Vivienne is a good baby, and the boys love her, so it’s manageable.

How was this past pregnancy?

This one was really easy. My second one was very complicated and I was on bed rest. My first pregnancy was fine, but when it’s your first time, you’re very anxious. It felt difficult, but in retrospect it wasn’t difficult at all.

Season 2 of Pregnant in Heels is wrapping up. How has it been?

The second season has been wild but in a different way. We had a lot of hot button topics, from home birth, to breast milk banks, to couples problems. It was a lot more interesting, I think.  These were issues that were flying around in the parenting community, so it was cool to address them. We definitely had more discussions from this season than the previous one. I definitely had my own opinions and I wasn’t afraid to voice them.

It must be difficult to walk that fine line of voicing your opinions and still be respectful of not offending the client.

Yes it was. One client wanted to eat her placenta. Now, there’s not a lot of evidence to support it, but I helped the couple to do what they feel is important. But when it comes to vaccines, I feel they’re very important. So we brought in scientists and experts to help the parents-to-be to make the right decision.

Despite having three little ones at home, you are the consummate business woman, between your clothing line, Mom Prep and your new book, Mommy IQ coming out in the fall.

It’s a very hectic time for sure. I still personally design everything for Rosie Pope Maternity. This season we’ve managed to drop our prices so we’re in line with A Pea in the Pod. It’s my goal for our collection to be affordable for everyone. We’re also doing a line with A Pea in the Pod.

I saw it recently at an event, and it’s gorgeous.

Thanks! And Mom Prep continues to expand but it’s more online. A lot of classes in the Santa Monica and NYC stores will be available online as free content. I feel that it’s important to give our customers a piece of education whether you buy a piece of clothing or not.

What was it like writing your book, Mommy IQ?

It was exciting. It’s my complete pregnancy guide which I wrote in conjunction with my OB/GYN, who runs Cornell in NYC. I feel lucky to have access to him, and to bring his knowledge to people in an accessible way. It’s our advice together. And I’m working with Avent this summer. They’re coming out with a natural bottle, so they’re staying on top of the trends in breast and bottle feeding.

Wow, I’m tired just listening to all of that! Now, how do you balance it all?

Well, I got a label maker. [laughs] This morning, I was obsessively making labels. He thought I lost my mind. I don’t know if I handle it well, but there are labels on everything. If I have any more I might have to start labeling the kids.

My husband, Daron, has been teaching me to be in the moment. It’s hard to be present when you’re torn between so many things. But I’m learning that there’s quality over quantity, so I’ll get on the floor and play with the kids. Oh, and I also gave up sleeping a couple of years ago! [laughs]

What fashion advice would you give to moms-to-be?

For the record, I didn’t come up with the name of the show, Pregnant in Heels. People always ask if I advocate wearing heels and I say “No.” I’m a big fan of wedges, though. They make you feel much more glamorous and in most offices, a wedge is perfectly acceptable. There are also fabric secrets; I adore using Ponte de Roma, which is a very comfortable fabric. It feels like a jersey fabric, but it looks very smart. It grows well with the pregnancy and beyond. But if you want to rock a pair of heels when you’re pregnant, obviously that’s awesome, too!


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