15 New Year’s Baby Names To Ring In The Year Right

A new year always feels like a fresh start, a chance to wipe the slate clean and get inspired about the possibilities that can come as the calendar changes. And if you’re expecting, it can make the new year even more exciting. That feeling can become magnified if your baby’s due date is right around January 1st. So don’t drop the ball and start compiling your New Year’s baby names list so that your baby will have a name that represents all of the hope, joy, and excitement that comes with not just their birth, but the dawning of a New Year, too.


Hope is such a fitting name for a New Year’s baby. It means, of course, “hope” and derives from the Middle English word meaning the same.


You’d never think that there would be a baby name that means “labor”, but there is, and it’s lovely — Amal. The girl’s name is of Arabic origin and means “hard work” and “labor”, two things that perfectly describe, well, labor. But it also means “pure” and “hope”, which are also two things that accurately portray how you’ll feel about your baby.


Naming your baby after the month that they’re born in is actually awesome. Traditionally a girl’s name, the name January is of English origin and means “first month of the year”.


Renee is a girl’s name of French origin. While it might not seem significant to be a New Year’s baby name, once you understand its meaning (it means “born again”), it makes an excellent choice especially if your little one is a rainbow baby.


Jesse is a name of Hebrew origin. A gender-neutral name, Jesse can mean “gift” or “the Lord exists”, so if you’re looking for a religious name that isn’t so Biblical sounding, Jesse could be just right.


You’ve been waiting nine long months for your little one’s arrival (and for some parents, even longer). So it makes sense to name your child Esperanza, which means “hope” or “expectation”. Esperanza is of Spanish origin.


You already consider your baby to be a gift. That’s what makes Matthew such a strong contender on your New Year’s baby name list. The name means “gift of God” and is of Hebrew origin.


Your baby’s birth symbolizes that a new day has dawned. Now, you could name your baby Dawn, (or, ahem, New), but do consider Dagny first. It is of Norwegian descent and means “new day”. The name is also gender-neutral, too.


You can’t explain it, but something about potential parenting has given you an inner sense of self that you never knew existed. So why not call your baby Bodhi, then? It’s a gender-neutral name of Sanskrit origin and means “awakening” or “enlightenment”.


Whether it’s your first or fourth baby, a newborn can bring so much joy into your life. Joy. Hmm, that’s a pretty sweet name for your baby. It’s a girl’s name of Latin origin and means “great pleasure” or “happiness”, which perfectly sums up all those lovely feelings you’ll have about your baby.


Maybe it’s because there aren’t many of them, but baby names that start with Z are just cool in their own right. And Zane, a baby boy’s name of Hebrew origin, is definitely is one of them. The name means “gracious”, “merciful”, and “gift from God” — much like your baby is.


Novi is actually a nickname for the more common name Nova. The name, which hails from the Netherlands, means “new”. In its country of origin, Novi is becoming one of the most popular names for baby girls, but still hasn’t gained in popularity stateside yet. So if you want a name that means “new” and is kind of uncommon, Novi might work.


No doubt about it, your baby is a blessing. The name Asher, which is both a boy’s and girl’s name, encompasses that sentiment. It means “fortunate”, “blessed” and “happy one”, and is of Hebrew origin.


This baby boy’s name of Sanskirt origin is becoming more popular, probably in some part to a certain prince from the Disney movie The Princess and the Frog. It means “fresh”, “young”, and “new”, and can be spelled as either Naveen or Navin.


The day your baby comes along is a day unlike any other. It can feel like a new day has dawned, and that’s just what the name Oriana means. A girl’s name of Latin origin, Oriana means “sunrise” and “dawn” and is a sister name to Aurora.

If you’re looking for some New Year’s baby names inspo, the list above can be a great start to not just the New Year, but giving your child a name you’ll love for a lifetime.

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