30 4th of July Baby Names For Your Little Firecracker

It might not be pleasant to be 9-months-pregnant in the heat of summer, but there’s one cool thing about a due date that lands on or around Independence Day, and that’s having some pretty patriotic names to choose from. Unlike other summer baby names that you might be considering, babies born near July 4th can be extra special, since their names can reflect patriotism, pride, and the fun (and significance) of the holiday. So if you’re looking for 4th of July baby names to add to your list, these can be cute ways to honor the holiday in red, white, and blue.

When you’re having a summer baby, there are so many options to choose from. You can take inspiration from the longer, light-filled days (and perhaps name your baby Poppy), the time spent with family, or all those aquatic activities that you and your family are enjoying (like naming your baby Lake, for example). But backyard BBQ’s aside, 4th of July baby names might help to narrow down the list by already giving you a specific theme in mind. Now, you might not want to name your baby Spangled or Banner, but Star can be a sweet ode to the American flag or even warmer, star-filled summer nights.

So whether you’re a history buff who wants to give their baby a name steeped in American history, or just a name that’s a wink and a nod to one of the biggest holidays of the summer, 4th of July baby names can show off your love for this country — and maybe even you’re your baby an independent little infant.


You can’t get more patriotic than naming your child America. But the name means a lot more than “my land ‘tis of thee.” In fact, the name America is of English origin and means “powerful home.” It’s a gender-neutral name that was inspired by Amerigo Vespucci, an Italian explorer.



Number names are pretty popular. Designers Cortney and Bob Novogratz named one of their children Five. When you consider that the 4th of July is on, well, the fourth day of the month, Four might be a cool name for your kiddo. Four is also the name of one of the lead characters from the Divergent series.



Unlike other holidays, the 4th of July literally has the month it’s celebrated in right there in its name. So when you want to honor the month that your baby is due, choosing the actual month is cute. And month baby names (think May, June, or even April, for example) are sweet.



Sure, Maverick might remind you of a certain Top Gun character, but it’s also a great 4th of July baby name. After all, Maverick means “an independent-minded person,” which makes sense for someone who’s actually born on Independence Day. The name is also gender-neutral and of American origin.



You want your baby to be a strong, independent person. And while Independence might be a mouthful for your little one, Indi actually isn’t. While it’s an abbreviated name, the nickname Indi is adorable for your baby. And when people find out that you and your partner were inspired by the holiday.



Whether you were a staunch supporter of his policies (or his acting abilities), President Ronald Reagan might be the inspo for one of your 4th of July baby names to choose from. While the name can pay homage to the 40th president of the U.S., Reagan is also a popular gender-neutral baby name, too. It means “king” or “the King’s child,” and is of Irish origin.



There really are so many presidential baby names that you can consider when you’re trying to select a name for your sweetie. And Carter (which can be a wink and a nod to President Jimmy Carter) is cute. A gender-neutral name, Carter means “transporter of goods by cart,” making it a vocational name as well as a great choice for your Independence Day baby.



Expecting twins? You might want to add Thomas to your baby list. Of Aramaic origin, Thomas means “twin.” While it’s a timeless baby name, Thomas can also be an ode to Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States. An American Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson is known as the person who wrote the Declaration of Independence.



Coming up with a baby name that satisfies so many criteria (read: pleasing your parents or the in-laws) is tricky. Abraham is a baby name that can check so many baby boxes. For starters, it’s a boy’s name of Hebrew origin, ideal for parents-to-be who want a name that honors their Judaic roots but still celebrates their July 4th baby (i.e. President Abraham Lincoln). As for its meaning, Abraham means “father of many.”



It’s almost impossible to consider the baby name Abraham for your child without adding Lincoln onto your list. President Abraham Lincoln, who was the 16th president of the United States, is best known for issuing the Emancipation Proclamation that freed the slaves in 10 Confederate states. The name itself means “lake” or “pool colony” and is of English origin.



The 18th President of the United States, Ulysses S. Grant was a war hero who led the Union Armies to victory in the American Civil War. But Grant also signed the 15th Amendment to the Constitution, giving African American men the right to vote. The name Grant means “tall” or “big” which might be an option if your baby is measuring pretty big during those weekly ultrasounds.



As part of the baby naming process, you might want to pick out a name that honors our country’s rich political history. Well, you can’t get more presidential when you pick the name George. Of course, we’re talking about George Washington, the first President of the United States. The name George means “earthworker” and is derives from the Greek word “georgos” and the Greek name Georgios, which can mean “farmer.”



Once considered an old-fashioned name, Eleanor has certainly seen a strong comeback. The name, of Greek and French origins, means “light-hearted” or “shining light.” And as the wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt was a diplomat as well as an activist. She was also the longest-serving First Lady, since her husband had four terms in office.



Teddy is a totally adorable baby name — and it just happens to be the nickname for President Theodore Roosevelt, who served as President from 1901-1909. Roosevelt was the first American to ever win the Nobel Peace Prize, thanks to his efforts to end the Russo-Japanese War. The name Theodore comes from the Greek words “theos” (meaning “God-given) and doron, meaning “gift.”



Honor is a virtue name that is bestowed upon both boys and girls. But when you promise to honor and uphold our nation’s values, it’s easy to see why Honor makes the list of 4th of July baby names. The word (and name) derives from the Latin root terms “honos” and “honoris” and is usually a girl’s name.



It’s really hard to not feel patriotic on July 4th. With the fireworks and family gatherings, there’s a lot to feel inspired by. And if the holiday leaves you feeling very hopeful, why not name your baby Hope? The name Hope is of English origin and means “desire of fulfillment” or “faith.” It’s typically a girl’s name and is one of those virtue names that has become popular as of late.



Let’s say that you love the nickname Jeff but want to give your baby boy a longer name. Well, you could call your kid Jeffrey, or you could contemplate Jefferson instead. President Thomas Jefferson was the third U.S. President. It’s not a name that’s commonly heard, which makes it more unique, just like your little one.



When you think of what the word freedom means, it’s hard to not fall in love with it as a potential baby name. It’s a gender-neutral name of American origin, and with its cute nickname of Free, it’s easy to see why this could be a top contender for your 4th of July baby names list.



The word “liberty” is mentioned so often in U.S. history. It’s part of speeches and songs — and there’s even a Liberty Bell that is proudly on display in Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA. And, of course, the name Liberty means “freedom.” It’s often thought of as being a girl’s virtue name, too.



A cute green turtle might come to mind when you think of the name Franklin. But preschool shows aside, the name Franklin means “freeman.” It also happens to be the name of our 32nd U.S. President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (or more commonly known as FDR). He is the only president who has been elected to office four times and helped get the American people through the Great Depression and World War II.



If you or your ancestors hail from the Emerald Isle, you might want to find a baby name that honors your Irish and American heritage. Look no further than Saoirse (pronounced ser-sha). The name means “freedom” and is a beloved girl’s name in Ireland.



Some historical names hit right on the nose, like George or Lincoln. Now, if you’re looking to add a little U.S. history to your child’s baby name, you might want to bestow the name Betsy upon your babe. Of course, we’re referring to Betsy Ross, who has been credited with making the first official U.S. flag. The name Betsy means “worshipper of God” and is of Hebrew origin.



It might not be as obvious as, say, Freedom or Betsy, but Grace is a good choice if you’re looking for 4th of July baby names. It means “favor” or “blessing” and is of Latin origin. Grace is a common virtue name that has skyrocketed in popularity in the past 10+ years.



Kennedy was once thought to be a surname — but no longer. Irish in origin, Kennedy is now a leading name for both boys and girls, and with its meaning of “armored” or “helmeted chief,” it certainly signifies strength. It’s also the last name of John F. Kennedy, the 35th U.S. President.



Fifty white stars adorn the U.S. flag. So if you want to find a patriotic way to celebrate your 4th of July baby, the name Estrella is excellent. It means “star” in Spanish and has super cute nicknames like Ella and Este. Or, you can also opt for the English version as well, but no matter what, your child will always be a star in your eyes.



Color names can certainly be a cool choice for 4th of July baby names. While you can name your child White or Red, Blue might be a little better. At least, Beyonce thought so when she named her first child with Jay-Z Blue Ivy Carter. Blue is a gender-neutral name and while it sometimes signifies sadness, it can also be a symbol of peace and, yes, patriotism.



Tying in with the theme of freedom and independence, add Erkin to your list of 4th of July baby names. Actually, Erkin is a gender-neutral name that means “free” and “independent,” just like you hope your child will be in the future. It is an Uzbek word from Old Turkic, and is also a common name in Turkey for both boys and girls.



Of Sanskrit origin, Anaya is a girl’s name. It means “graceful” and “gracious” and is pronounced “Uh-nah-yah.” It’s an inspirational name that might encourage your kiddo to be a leader of good for the future.



Once an English surname, Madison is of English origin. It means “son of Matthew” or “Matthew’s son.” It also reflects James Madison, the 4th U.S. President of the United States, who was known for writing The Federalist Papers along with Alexander Hamilton and John Jay. He’s often referred to as the “Father of the Constitution.”



If you want to give your baby a sweet summer name, just check out Julia. It means “youthful” or “Jove’s child” and is a wink and a nod to the summer month July, when we celebrate Independence Day.


As you pour over baby names, you might want to think about any (or all) of these 4th of July baby names that are perfectly patriotic.

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