6 Things To Do With Extra Diapers That *Aren’t* A Diaper Cake

All it takes is to be stuck somewhere with a poopy, leaky baby and no diapers to ensure that you’ll buy in bulk until your kiddo goes to preK. But at some point, your baby is going to magically grow overnight, leaving you with a handful (or even half a box) of unused diapers. So what do you do? Well, creative mommas out there have found interesting things to do with extra diapers that have nothing to do with your baby’s butt.

Diapers are expensive. That’s why you probably stocked up on a few boxes when your brand of choice went on sale. Still, kids will grow, and while your little one might have been rocking a size 2 diaper for only a few weeks, you might find that it’s too snug now. You can stick your kiddo in a too-small size—and pray that they won’t have a leak or a blowout — or you can do these things with your extra diapers.

Donate Them

Obviously, you don’t want those diapers to go to waste, so the first (and best) option is to find a place that will take them. It might take some digging, though, since your local hospital may or may not accept an opened package. Call around to women’s shelters, since they are always in need of diapers, and see if you can drop them off there.

Clean With Them

When you run out of rags or paper towels, a diaper can make for a great cleaning tool. You can use it just as you would a paper towel, and because they’re typically soft, you can use it to clean counters, or even polish furniture and wood.

Give It To Your Pet

If your baby can’t use their diapers anymore, why not give it to your furry one? There are plenty of reasons why your pooch might need some padding: if your gal is in heat, she’ll need a diaper, as will an older dog that might be suffering from urinary incontinence. Some pet owners even use diapers as a training method, the American Kennel Club reported. No matter the reason, your dog might be grateful for the support—and you’ll be happy that your home is spared. (Just cut out a hole for the tail!)

Use It As Padding

If you run out of packing peanuts, a diaper can be a great stand in to help package an item that you wish to mail. Just be sure that the person you’re sending the package to won’t be offended to find diapers encasing whatever it is you’re sending.

Apply As A Hot Or Cold Pack

Let’s say that your child spikes a fever. One way to help make your child feel more comfortable is by applying a cold pack. Don’t have one? Just use a diaper dipped in cold water, some rubbing alcohol, and zipped in a freezer bag. The same applies if you need a hot pack; just use warm water to soak the diaper, squeeze it, and apply as needed.

Use As A Big Band-Aid

You’re outside when your child takes a big tumble off their bike. Their skinned knee is bleeding pretty badly, and a typical Band-Aid just won’t do. Take a clean diaper and apply it to the wound site to help stop the bleeding.

If you’re trying to think of things to do with extra diapers, you can really use them for anything from padding to ice packs…and more. So if you can’t donate the unused diapers, don’t ditch them. They’ll come in handy sooner than you think.

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  1. I wet them with warm water and then use to clean my older cat’s butt after he poops. He is too fat to clean that area, so he needs a little help!

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