Beekman 1802 Baby Calendula Artisan Soap Makes Bath Time Fun

From the beautiful packaging to the delicious scent, everything about Beekman 1802’s Baby Calendula Artisan Soap is just decadent. Handmade from the milk of the goats that roam freely on the Beekman Mansion in upstate New York, the soaps contain the highest percentage of pure goat milk possible in each bar.

In addition to the organic way in which the soaps are made, the added element of Calendula helps aid in soothing skin inflammation and rashes. And if all that weren’t enough, it makes the soap smell simply amazing! Each bar has a slight ashy layer on the bottom which washes away after the first use; the ash ensures that the soaps are derived from pure goat’s milk using non-chemical methods.

Whether you choose to display the soaps in your master bath or use a few on Baby (and keep one for yourself!), using the Beekman 1802 Baby Calendula Artisan Soap is a rich experience indeed.


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