Gerber’s New Soothe ‘N Chew Teething Sticks Take The Bite Out Of Itchy Gums

Although spying baby’s first two bottom teeth is every parent’s dream, it’s can quickly become a nightmare when your child is in the throes of full-blown teething. And while you can always attempt tried-and-true teething solutions such as rings or even gels, you might not need to anymore. Gerber’s new Soothe ‘N Chew Teething Sticks offer relief (and nutrition) to babies who are dealing with toothy troubles.

The Soothe ‘N Chew teething sticks from Gerber are made with wholesome grains, and have a firm, long-lasting texture to ensure that your baby can gnaw on it for a long time. Shaped like a roll, the stick also serves as a snack, and is made from real bananas. It actually works to naturally massage your child’s gums as they chew on the stick, which has a ridged surface and small size that is meant for your baby’s chubby little fist. In fact, it’s air bubble texture gives relief to your child’s gums.

“Gerber’s continuous priority is to innovate to meet families’ evolving needs,” said Gerber President and CEO Bill Partyka in a statement. “As parents turn to more natural alternatives for their little ones, we saw an opportunity to bring together our expertise in food and nutrition, infant development and natural product development to create something totally new for little ones.”

The great part about the Soothe ‘N Chew sticks is that they offer something other teething products don’t: the ability to soothe irritated gums and also offer a nutritional component, too. As your baby bites down on the stick, it will, over time, soften and break into tiny bits that they’ll be able to digest. That’s why this product is recommended for the sitter stage (6+) months. And of course, your child should be supervised at all times with the stick for safety reasons.

Gerber’s new Soothe ‘n’ Chew teething sticks can be a total game changer when it comes to your child’s gums. The snack, which is exclusively sold at, comes packaged with six individually wrapped sticks, which should help your child (and you) survive the teething stage.

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