These Baby Names Inspired By Vanderpump Rules Will Have You Raising A Glass Tonight

Baby name inspiration can come from anywhere, from your favorite character in a book, song, movie, or even reality TV show. And the show that everyone is absolutely obsessed with right now is Vanderpump Rules. So if you’re expecting and have been following the Scandoval along with the rest of us, you might realize that some of the cast members’ names are pretty cool — and might just be baby name worthy. These baby names inspired by Vanderpump Rules just might have you raise a glass of (pretend) Pumptini or Vanderpump Vodka.

The hit Bravo TV spinoff of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, VPR follows the lives of friends/frenemies who are or were once-upon-a-time servers at SUR Restaurant, Lisa Vanderpump’s hot West Hollywood restaurant and lounge. While some cast members have come and gone (like Laura-Leigh, Faith, and Vail), others like Katie Maloney, the Toms (Sandoval and Schwartz), and Scheana have been on the show practically since its inception. And if you’re loving Lala or rooting for Queen Ariana, you can take inspo from the show by naming your little one after one of the cool cast members.


The name Brock is of English origin. It means “badger”, but you probably won’t have to badger your partner to consider this cool name. Brock is one of those names that never goes out of style, since it’s sophisticated and has a preppy vibe to it.


She definitely started out as the underdog on Vanderpump Rules, but Scheana has shown herself to be a solid friend on the show. And her name, which means “graced by Yahweh” or “God is gracious” fits the new mom. Scheana can also be the Irish version of the name Jane as well.


Oh, Ariana. None of us saw it coming, but in the aftermath of Scandoval, Ariana has carried herself like a Queen. That’s why her name, which means “most holy” is perfectly suited for the former SUR bartender and now co-owner of Something About Her, a sandwich shop she runs with co-star Katie Maloney.


Although they are never called by their name Thomas, there are two Tom’s on Vanderpump Rules. The owners of TomTom and Schwartz and Sandy’s, Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz are always together, BFFs for life (and some might say soul mates). But their karmic connection might have something to do with their Aramaic origin name, since it means “twin.” Makes sense now, doesn’t it?


So, first thing’s first. Raquel Leviss, Vanderpump Rules’ current villainess, is not actually a Raquel, but a Rachel. And that might be a good thing, since Raquel is a girl’s name of Spanish origin which means (of all things), “innocent.” And Rachel, which is of Hebrew origin, means “ewe”. In the Bible, Rachel was married to Jacob, and was purported to be one of his favorite wives.


It’s almost impossible to think of the name James without thinking of his entire name, James Kennedy, since the British DJ often refers to himself in the third person — and by his full name to boot. But if love the name James, it derives from the Hebrew name Jacob (see a theme here?) It means “supplanter,” someone who takes the place of another through scheming. We’ll just leave that right there.


Even though she’s not on the show anymore, Stassi Schroeder was a prominent player for several seasons. Her name, which is actually a nickname given to her by her grandmother, is really Nastassia. Of Greek origin, Nastassia means “resurrection” and is a variation of the names Anastasia and Nastasia.


A diminutive for the name Katherine, Katie is a cute name for your little girl. It means “pure” and if you’re a VPR fan, you might love the name because of Katie Maloney, one of the original cast members of the show.


Give ‘em Lala — Kent, that is. One of the most vibrant members of the Vanderpump Rules cast, Lala is known for speaking her mind and telling it the way it is. That’s why it’s so interesting that the name Lala, of Slavic origin, means “tulip.” Fans might know that Lala’s real name is Lauren, which is a gender-neutral name of Latin origin. It means “laurel plant” and also “wisdom,” something that new mom Lala definitely dishes out on the daily.


You can’t have a list of baby names inspired by Vanderpump Rules and not include the queen herself, Lisa Vanderpump. Her wit, humor, and passion for all things pink (and pets, too) have made her a fan favorite since day one. That’s why Lisa, a name of Hebrew and English origin, should be on your list for either a first or middle name. It means “pledged to God” or “God’s promise”, and truly, Lisa is delivering on her promise that this season of VPR is the best yet.


While you mostly see him at Lisa’s side holding a pooch in his arms, Ken Todd is also a prominent player on Vanderpump Rules. Ken is a cool name for a baby boy, since it means “born of fire” and “handsome,” two adjectives that Lisa would probably agree with. The name Ken is of Celtic origin, which is great if you’re looking for an Irish baby name as well. The name Ken can also be a nickname for longer names like Kenneth, Kendrick, Kendall, or Kenan.


Newbie Charli Burnett is quickly becoming a fan favorite on the past couple of seasons of Vanderpump Rules, largely due to the fact that freely speaks her mind and isn’t afraid of seasoned cast members. As for her name, Charli is a gender-neutral of German origin. It means “free man” and is a diminutive of the name Charles. It’s often thought to be a girl’s name when written without an “e” at the end.


Jax Taylor hasn’t been on Vanderpump Rules for a few seasons, and his presence (and point of view) has been missed by fans. But his name, which is a fun version of the names Jack, Jackson, or Jaxon, means “son of Jack.” Still, much like a few other VPR cast members, Jax isn’t Jax’s real name: Jason is. Of Hebrew origin, Jason is a boy’s name that means “healer” and “the Lord is salvation.”


Fans fell instantly in love with Brittany Cartwright when she joined the show during season 4. Her infectious laugh and Kentucky roots made her a standout on the show, along with her love affair with reformed bad boy Jax Taylor. The now-happily married couple are parents to son Cruz and living life away from VPR. But if you love the name Brittany, the girl’s name means, “Great Britain” or “from Brittany.” As for spellings, you can get pretty creative with the name Brittany, with spellings such as Britnee, Britteny, Brittainy, Brittani, and so on.


If you’re looking for a solid, sweet name for your baby girl that’s also inspired by VPR, consider Kristen. The gender-neutral name is of Latin origin and means, “follower of Christ.” Once the former flame of Sandoval, Kristen has been super vocal in support of Ara in the wake of Scandoval.

And there you have it: 15 baby names inspired by Vanderpump Rules. So whether you’ve been a fan since the first season or found your way to the show because of #revengedress, there are so many awesome names that are just as great as goat cheese balls.


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