Crayola’s SchoolMaskPack Has Colorful Face Masks Just In Time For Back To School

If you’ve strolled through your local store lately, you’ve surely seen all of the back-to-school gear on the shelves. But among the markers and composition notebooks, you’ll also need to stock up on another item as well: face masks. After all, you probably want your kiddo to start the school year stylishly, and a medical-esque face mask won’t complement your kiddo’s ensemble. Luckily, Crayola’s SchoolMaskPack has five colorful masks for everyday of the school week.

As states start releasing their school reopening guidelines, high at the top of that list are mandatory face masks in the classroom. And if your child is reluctant to the idea of wearing one, you’ll need to make them as fun as possible. The Crayola Kids Reusable Cloth Face Mask Set ($30) comes in five fun colors (think red, orange, yellow, green, and blue). Each one has a face to match your kid’s every mood, such as surprised, happy, and excited. There’s even a surly-looking one along with a face that has his tongue sticking out, which your kiddo can put on before lunchtime.

The adjustable masks have a dual-layer of fabric featuring a 3D face design and ear straps that won’t dig. The nose clip ensures that the mask won’t slip down your kiddo’s face, so that they can focus on their studies instead. And the masks are machine washable and even come with their own mesh laundry bag, so they won’t disappear like your kiddo’s socks do. They also come with a name tag so there won’t be confusion (read: fighting) among sibs with similar masks.

The Crayola SchoolMaskPack is a colorful way to start off the back to school season. Mix and match the masks to coordinate with your kid’s outfit. That way, your child will be the most colorful (and safest) kid in class.

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