The Lush X Super Mario Bros Movie Collection Is A Total Bath Time Game Changer

It’s not always easy to get your kid to get your kiddo into the tub. But you can turn bath time into super charged fun, thanks to the new Lush X Super Mario Bros. Movie collection. With shower gels, gold coin soaps, shower jellies, and a mega bath bomb, your kid can power up while they play — and get clean — in the tub.

It’s game on with the new Lush collab for Super Mario Bros. Movie. Kids can have some good clean fun when they use the products that are a part of the limited-edition collection. You can choose from shower gels that feature everyone’s favorite Italian plumbers: Mario and Luigi. And if your princess prefers Princess Peach products, she’ll love the Princess Peach shower jelly that will make her feel like royalty. There’s even a mega-sized Question Block bath bomb that has a special surprise inside.

Ready to bring bath time to a whole new level? Level up with these Lush X Super Mario Bros. Movie products that are perfect for coming clean.

Question Block

Blocks are such a big part of the Super Mario Bros gaming world. They release coins and other items during power-ups and help Mario and Luigi to reach new heights. That’s why your kid is going to love the Question Block bath bomb. Not only is it massive, but the 2-in-1 bath bomb is, well, the bomb. Inside each block is one of six different types of soaps, such as a coin, flower, or mushroom — and each one has their own signature scent. And your kid will feel like the king or queen of bath time if they find the star soap, since it’s the most rare.

Luigi Shower Gel

The Luigi Shower Gel is an olfactory homage to the brothers’ hometown of the Big Apple. And that’s probably why the green shower gel smells just like a crisp, juicy apple. It’s made with zesty orange oil and neroli to create a scent that will take your child’s bath to new heights.

Mario Shower Gel

Mamma mia! The Mario Shower Gel will make your child feel like they’re ready to take on Bowser — or just finish their math homework. Layers of pomegranate juice and Persian lime oil combine to make a scent that smells just like a fruity (and fun) cola. Carrageenan extract works to soften skin, too.

Princess Peach

Listen, no one needs to save Princess Peach. But even princesses need to power up, and after a long day of ruling the Mushroom Kingdom, a good soak in the tub with the Lush Princess Peach Shower Jelly can do the trick. The jelly, which smells like peach and pineapple, has added vitamin C, soothing seaweed, and grapefruit to make you feel like a total boss babe.

Gold Coin

If your child prefers to suds up with soap, they’re going to love the Gold Coin from the Lush X Super Mario Bros. collection. The sweet scent of caramel is similar to Lush’s famous Honey I Washed The Kids fragrance. It also has an adorable aroma of sweet wild orange to make tub time totally delicious.


Bowser Shower Jelly

Even resident bad guy Bowser needs to take a bath from time to time. And when he does, the Bowser Shower Jelly is ideal for the King of the Koopas. It’s made with cinnamon leaf oil, snappy lime, and sweet benzoin. Star anise adds zing while seaweed acts to smooth the skin — even that of a tyrannical turtle.

The Lush X Super Mario Bros. collaboration is full of kid-friendly scents that are going to make your child feel like Player One.

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