Your Kids Will Totally Love Tub Time When You Use The Mr. Bubbles Ultimate Pack of Bath Time Fun

Spending some time alone soaking in the tub can sound pretty amazing for busy parents. But if your child balks at having to take a bath, you’re going to need something else to entice them into the tub. And because no one can be bored when there are a bazillion bubbles in the tub, you’ll want to have the Mr. Bubbles Ultimate Pack of Bath Time Fun in your bathroom for the next time your little sweetie needs a good scrubbing.

There’s so much soapy good fun in the Ultimate Pack of Bath Time Fun that your kid won’t know which product to pick first. Part of the reason is that in addition to getting clean, the package is designed with sensory stimulation and STEM learning in mind. “Mr. Bubble is making bath time both fun and educational. Our fun pack is designed to stimulate senses, inspire creativity, encourage STEM learning and fire up endorphins with tons of bubbles and laughter,” says Michelle Hanson, Vice President of Marketing at The Village Company, which owns and produces Mr. Bubble products.

Usually, you’d frown upon your kid slapping stickers on themselves, but you might not mind when they slap some Mr. Bubble Dissolvable Soap Stickers on. Once you’ve filled the tub with warm water, sprinkle some stickers into the tub and watch them start to melt. It’s then that the fun (and cleaning) begin, because your child can stretch them out, stick them to their bodies (but not their faces or hair), and then use a washcloth to get clean.

If your child has bombed your hidden stash of bath bombs more times than you can count, they’ll need their own Mr. Bubble Bath Fizzer. It has the iconic image of Mr. Bubble etched on it, and once you plop it into the water, your kid can have fun watching it fizz away — and turn the bath water a cerulean blue, too.

But let’s say that your kiddo is seriously into science. Well, they’re going to love the full-size Scientific & Terrific Bath Potion. The Science Beeker is full of bubblicious powders that erupts and overflows with bubbles when your child adds their bath water. The science experiment is STEM-focused but also can be used as soap to wash your sweet scientist. And of course, no Mr. Bubbles kit would be complete without the Original Bubble Bath, which comes in a 2.5-ounce bottle — and woot, is bubble gum scented.

When your child refuses to take a bath, show them how much bubbly fun they can have with the Mr. Bubbles Ultimate Pack of Bath Time Fun. And instead of fighting to get them into the tub, they won’t want to get out. But hey, at least they’ll be squeaky clean for bedtime.

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