How to Wake Up Your Makeup To Look Pretty…And Polished

As a busy mom, you’re lucky if you have time to take a shower, much less put on a polished face. But that doesn’t mean that your look has to be lackluster as a result. If you (and your beauty routine) have fallen into a rut, these tips can help you wake up your makeup—and have you looking fabulous.

Look for products that multitask.

As a busy mama, you already multitask. So why shouldn’t your makeup? Instead of having tons of tiny tubes of lipstick, gloss, and mascara, use products that serve more than one function, advises Carol Cheshire, a licensed esthetician and owner of Always Pretty Salon and Spa. “You can use a sunscreen that has a tint,” says Cheshire. “Another example is using your lipstick as a blush. It saves time!”

Do double duty.

Instead of dabbing on only one layer of makeup, try for two. ” Use two coats of mascara—one for volume and one for length,” advises Cheshire. By applying two coats of makeup (mascara and lip gloss, for example), your makeup will pack an even bigger punch. Plus, you can save time by not having to use other beauty products.

Line it up.

Tired eyes can tell everyone how much (or really, how little) sleep you got last night. To give a pop to your eyes, use a white pencil. Line the inside rim of your lower eyelids to make your eyes look fresh and awake.

Make it permanent.

If you’re constantly filling in faint eyebrows, you can opt for permanent makeup. Many women choose permanent makeup for their eyebrows, eyeliner, or even lips, says Cheshire.

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