Kid-Friendly Sunscreens That Will Keep Your Child’s Skin Safe And Glittery

Getting your child to slather on the sunscreen isn’t always an easy feat. Maybe it’s because they don’t want to take the time out from playing to put it on, or they don’t like the feeling of a greasy sunscreen on their skin. Well, there are a whole bunch of new kid-friendly sunscreens that will keep your kid safely basking in the sun.

Although everyone is practicing social distancing right about now, it doesn’t prevent kids from playing outside in their backyards or outside their houses. But if you thought that a short stint in the sun can’t cause a sunburn, think again. In fact, a sunburn can start in as soon as 15 minutes, Kids Health reported. So there’s no time to get your child used to putting sunscreen on to prevent uncomfortable burns.

Sunshine & Glitter has some gorgeous new sunscreens that your kid will love. The Sea Star Sparkle collection has sunscreens that are adorable and will protect your child’s skin, too. The Mermaid Glitter Sunscreen ($19) has a Coco Lime scent and offers an SPF 50+, along with UVA/UVB protection. It’s water resistant for up to 80 minutes, which means your child won’t have to constantly reapply. Best part: it has eco-friendly biodegradable glitter infused in all its creamy goodness.

The Sea Star Sparkle Iridescent Glitter Sunscreen ($20) offers many of the same health benefits, including nourishing ingredients, (plus it’s PABA and paraben-free). It, too, has yummy glitter that will shine in the sun, and with a cotton candy scent, your kid will smell delicious as she plays.

If you’re looking for something slightly, ahem, sexier, the Gypsy Collection from Sunshine & Glitter definitely doesn’t disappoint. The Beach Gypsy Glitter Sunscreen ($25) offers SPF 30+, with both UVA/UVB protection. It will last up to 80 minutes and has antioxidants to help protect and nourish your skin. And if you thought that only the little girls got glitter, think again. This sunscreen also has eco-friendly biodegradable glitter, too. And if you want your skin to look a little rosy, the Rose Gold option will make you look gorgeous (and glittery) in the sun.

The latest sunscreens from Sunshine & Glitter have something for everyone. Whether it’s fun scents, a solid SPF, or even a ton of glitter, you’ll find new reasons to go outside and have fun—and smooth on the sunscreen, too.

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