The Caviar Manicure Is A Nail Trend You *Must* Try

If you thought caviar was just for eating with blinis, think again. The latest trend in nail beauty is the caviar manicure. This edgier manicure consists of tiny micro beads applied to the nails and then shaped. The micro beads are the ultimate in ASMR, since it’s so satisfying to touch the micro beads. If you’re ready to take max your manis, here’s how to make the caviar manicure.

Gather Your Nail Beauty Supplies

In order to achieve the look, you’ll need to have these supplies: base coat polish, opaque white nail polish (no shimmer), clear micro beads, and a top coat polish. You may want to match the color nail polish to the micro beads to enhance the caviar look.

Prep Your Nails

Remove any remaining nail polish from your nails, since you won’t want any leftover color seeping into the new mani. Be sure to buff and shape your nails. The caviar manicure works well with both rounded and coffin-shaped nails.

Add The Base Coat And Polish

Apply a thin coat of base polish to prepare your nails. Add one coat of opaque white nail polish. Give the base and first coat of nail polish plenty of time to dry, up to one hour,  then apply the next coat of nail polish.

Add Micro Beads To Your Nails

Pour the micro beads into a small cup or wide cap from a bottle and keep them next to your work area for quick application. Apply a second coat of opaque white nail polish and wait 10 seconds so it can set but not dry. Liberally cover your nails with the micro beads until your nail beds are covered. Carefully press down on each nail to ensure the caviar beads stick to the nail polish. Make sure you use a clean dry finger pad when pushing beads into the nail polish. Avoid picking beads back up on your finger or smudging the beads across your nail.

Set The Beads In Place

Allow the caviar beads to dry completely, then add a final top coat to seal your nails. This will help lock in the beads and not only give extra shine to your nails but help enhance the durability of your manicure.

The caviar manicure is fun, especially for a night out or for Halloween. The look just might inspire you to get some wine, crackers and indulge in real caviar for a parents-only snack.

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