This Is How You Can Keep Your Hair Looking Like Summer All Year Long

There’s something so easy breezy about the summer. With kids off from school and long, lazy days ahead, everything starts to relax — including your beauty routine. Soon, though, your little scholars will be back in school, and you’ll need to start paying attention again to everything from deadlines to, ahem, your now dead ends. But the Vodana Professional Triple Flow Ceramic Hair Waver can keep your locks looking lush, even when it’s pumpkin spice season.

Sure, the summer can sometimes do damage to your hair (hello, chlorinated water and the sun’s strong rays). Still, there’s nothing like the look of soft beach waves framing your face. And that’s when you’ll want the Vodana Professional Triple Flow Ceramic Hair Waver to replicate your summer look all year long. The unit has two embedded ceramic coated barrels that not only offer safe heating but protect you from accidental burns. Plus, the waver heats up instantly within 25 seconds, so you won’t have to wait to start styling.

The waver also has five adjustable temperature settings, so you control how much (or little) heat you’ll need to apply to your hair. And even if you have fine hair, the S-shaped barrel lets you achieve natural waves without worrying about frying your hair. Styling is simple: part your hair into sections and clamp the waver down starting at the root for a few seconds. Repeat the process in a downward motion until you reach the ends of your hair, and then start working on the other sections until done.

Now, handling the waver is easy since it uses one button to turn on and off. (It even has an automatic shut off feature which turns the waver off after one hour.) The 360-degree swivel cord lets you style your hair at any angle without having to twist yourself into a pretzel. And the waver can be used on any hair type or texture, thanks to its adjustable settings.

Whether the weather outside is frightful or the smell of spring is in the air, the Vodana Professional Triple Flow Ceramic Hair Waver will allow your hair to always be beach ready.

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