Behind the Scenes with Sukey Molloy


Some people are a perfect match for their professions, and that can very much be said of Sukey Molloy. The children’s singer and performer has such a gentle way about her that you can’t imagine her doing anything else—and neither can she.

We met up with Sukey at her home in upstate New York, and had one of the calmest, gentlest shoots I’ve ever experienced in my life. She is introspective yet passionate about creating quality entertainment for little ones everywhere. Together with her puppets Sunny and Tick Tock, she encourages children to sing, dance, and express themselves in a reassuring, gentle way. So naturally it was only fitting to include them in the photos as well!

I don’t think I’ve ever had a more relaxed cover shoot, and really enjoyed the time I spent with Sukey. And when I left Sukey’s house, I had a nice, warm feeling all over my body, like I had just taken the best nap ever.

Check out Sukey Molloy’s interview, and let us know if you love Sukey’s Circle, too!

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