Behind the Scenes with The Wiggles

There is perhaps no other kids music group that I identify with more than The Wiggles. For me, The Wiggles ARE my children’s childhood. I have danced (and yes, wiggled) to their music during those tender early years, when language is being learned and little ones are really starting to learn about themselves.

Getting to shoot Greg, Murray, Jeff, and Anthony before the former three retired was honestly a privilege. We shot the cover at Sirius XM studios in New York City, where the band was on hand to talk about their new show.

The boys from Down Under didn’t disappoint. They were lovely and gracious, funny and friendly. You can tell they are more than bandmates; they are family. For the cover, we did a poignant shot of Greg, Murray, and Jeff’s Wiggles shirts hung up, while Anthony is still wearing his. Seeing in color how they are literally hanging up their shirts as The Wiggles, and moving on to other aspects of their lives seriously touched them. I won’t say who, but there were tears during our shoot.

There was also a lot of laughter. The guys sang and danced during the cover shoot, and we truly had a blast. While the new incarnation of The Wiggles will never quite be the same as the four Wiggles we (and our children) grew up with, it is still quite worthy of The Wiggles name, all under Anthony’s (AKA The Blue Wiggle) tutelage. It is a reminder that, like our children, everyone grows up and moves on, and it’s important to savor those sweet moments along the way.

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