Book Bag: Snickeyfritz by Andrea Skyberg

What is a Snickeyfritz? That’s the dilemma of the three little girls in author Andrea Skyberg’s book, Snickeyfritz (Wooden Nickel Press, $17.99). Piper, Pepper and Penelope are bored one rainy day and have nothing to do…until their Papa Pumpernickel sends them on a treasure hunt that ends in pure imagination. Andrea’s book is filled with silly, fun words like “whirligig”, “cattywampus” and, of course, “snickeyfritz”. And the book is visually stunning, with photographs of handmade dolls that Andrea created from – of all things – masking tape. Snickeyfritz is a sweet, old-fashioned tale of kids realizing that using your imagination means you’ll never, ever be bored again.


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