SoHo Baby Store To The Stars Bundle Is Allison MacCullough’s Own Bundle Of Joy

In Soho, the go-to shop for beautiful, fashion-forward baby couture is inarguably Bundle. Boasting the likes of Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts among its clientele, Bundle is dedicated to providing quality clothes at affordable prices. We visited Bundle to speak with owner Allison MacCullough about fashion, must-haves and why Bundle is Allison’s own bundle of joy.

Let’s talk a bit about your background.

I worked at Lehman Brothers and loved it. Every day there was a different project, and I was working with the highest level executives. After seven years on Wall Street, I felt that it was enough. Although I loved it, it wasn’t my passion. I did feel that passion, though, for shopping and children!

I knew I would eventually have my own business, but I wasn’t sure what it was going to be. Then, my friends started to have children, and when I would visit them, I would buy clothes. I was surprised at the limited selection and variety in the children’s market; of course, Baby GAP has great items, but they have Baby GAP everywhere. I was the NYC Cool Aunt, and I wanted to bring them something different and wonderful! I began to see something was missing in the market.

What did you do?

I began doing research. I created business plans, researched brands and formulated my notes. I began meeting with vendors, so I could see and touch the clothes. I found the retail space, which was the hardest part of the whole process.

How did you pick Soho for the location?

I saw the biggest opportunity in Soho. The downtown mom is very fashion savvy and savvy in terms of value, too. They can recognize quality right away. That’s the type of customer I was as a gift-giver, and as I will be when I’m a mom.

And from an aesthetic perspective, Soho is beautiful and charming. It has cobblestone streets. It feels cozy and sophisticated at the same time. It’s harder to get that feel in other parts of town. I also live a few blocks away, so Bundle has become a second home for me.

Bundle is now one year old. How has the first year been?

It’s been wonderful. I love my store. In addition to local clients, we have lots of tourists who come to Bundle. They are great customers; they love to bring something special back to their families. Many of the brands we sell aren’t sold in the New York area, let alone other countries. They love being able to bring back that one-of-a-kind item for their children.

Now, Bundle has had some celeb clientele, too.

We’ve had some A-list Oscar-winning actresses who are customers. They purchased well-known brands as well as up-and-coming designers. We take pride in being the first store to carry these designers. They both bought Splendid Littles and Ella.

How do you pick the brands that you sell?

It’s a combination of me doing research, reading trade publications and meeting with designers. I stand behind everything I sell in the store. The clothes have to be soft, comfortable and beautiful; otherwise the children are not going to wear them.

What are some of the must-have items for girls right now?

The Tutto Piccolo dress is beautiful. It’s a one-piece, and you get the look of a blouse and a skirt. Velvet and Tweed does gorgeous old English country styles. They have great details and use amazing fabrics. The Tea collection is also popular; I hear that it washes and wears well.

And for boys?

The Acoustic line is popular. It’s all vintage- inspired. I love this coat; it’s very warm. It’s super soft and not restricting at all.

What plans do you have for the future?

I would like to expand in a couple of years. I’m thinking about having a store uptown or maybe in Montauk. I hope to have a few stores down the road. I’m also getting married next October.

Your fiancé Kyle is also part owner of Bundle. What is that experience like?

[laughs] If you ask him, he would say he never thought he would be part owner in baby store. He didn’t even know you’re supposed to send a gift when a friend has a baby! Kyle has been an amazing partner; he provides me with tons of assistance on the business side. He helps with inventory management, which is a huge part of the business. And he also helps me to think about things differently. He’s such a good dissector; he has Google and Bloomberg alerts in the world of children’s clothes! He’ll tell me what to have, and what not to have. It truly helps me to be in the forefront of everything that is going on.

And when you have children, they’re going to be the best dressed kids ever.

I know! [laughs] That’s a definite. They will be set for life.

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