Band Big Bang Boom Talks About Being Dads Who Make Music For Families

Big Bang Boom is making music that both parents and kids can rock out to. Band members (and dads) Chuck Folds, Steve Willard and Eddie Walker spoke exclusively with Celebrity Parents Magazine about making music for families, how their music has grown with their children and how music keeps them balanced.

How did Big Bang Boom come to be?

Steve: Chuck’s oldest son was turning 6 or 7 and Chuck wanted to do something different for the party so we put on a rock show. We learned a few “kiddie” standards and set up a pa and rocked it out. It went over really well so we just kept it going. Chuck had already been writing a few ideas down for some kids songs so he and I did some collaborating and here we are.


What did the music sound like at the beginning and how has it changed over time?

Chuck: I don’t think it has changed much. I have been writing music most of my life. I pretty much write what I feel. The subject matter obviously is gonna be different when you are targeting an audience but I think that is one of the cool things about Big Bang Boom. We have never said, “Let’s dumb this down for kids.” If anything, we’ve tried to make it more enjoyable for the parents as well as the kids.

Let’s talk about the latest CD, Because I Said So! How is it different from other albums you’ve made?

Eddie: This CD is much more rawer. A better representation of what we do live.

Chuck: When we did the second CD I had just gotten into the “gadgetry” of digital recording. Lots of synths and orchestral types of arrangements. We tracked most of “Because I Said So” live in the studio so it definitely rocks a little harder than the other 2.

How have you seen yourselves grow as artists?

Eddie: Because of our situation (full-time musicians doing multiple projects i.e., writing commercials, jingles, musicals and performing 4 to 14 times a week) we are just getting better and better. It’s real hard to stump us on a project. I feel at times that there is nothing that we can’t do.

How has being dads impacted the music?

Chuck: We’ve been dads since we started BBB. I will say that as our kids have gotten older our subject matter has gotten a lot wider. I still use my kids for inspiration and a 10-year-old and 13-year-old inspire you much differently than a 4-year-old and a 7-year-old.

With touring and hectic schedules, how do you balance dadhood with your work?

Chuck: It’s hard but it’s what I do. My kids get a kick out of it. I would love to be around more but if I didn’t do what I do I’m not so sure I would be as pleasant to spend time with! 😉

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