Medium and Author Tina Naughton Powers Is Reporting From The Other Side

Former news anchor Tina Naughton Powers left her job to report the news of a whole other kind: helping people successfully communicate with the other side. Along the way, she became a famous book author, penning Reporting For the Other Side and The Land of Imagination. Celebrity Parents spoke with Tina about her books, learning to tap into your own psychic abilities, and what it’s like to report for the other side.

Did you always have psychic abilities?

My mother said that I’ve always been communicating. I was a news anchor for a CBS affiliate in Arizona for 11 years, and now in some way, I am reporting for the other side. I was also an actress; ironically, I was always cast as a reporter!

When did you decide to leave the news industry?

My aha moment came after I was reporting on a drive-by shooting that killed a 13 year-old boy. It was horrible. I witnessed the raw emotion of that experience. As a reporter, I felt embarrassed that I was not being a part of the solution. If you watch the news, the first nine stories are all death, doom and destruction. I decided to listen to my body, which was telling me that this wasn’t right.

How did you decide to make being a medium your career?

I was always interested in the mystical world. I loved knowing that there was something more than what was in front of me. I could also feel people and energy. I’ve done it for 8 years now, and I do it because it helps people. It’s not the Hollywood type of scary, delivering messages to people. It’s all about closure and healing. People are trying to say they’re sorry and they use me to do it. I always say to not go with things unsaid in this world.

You do private sessions as well. What do you want people to walk away with from your sessions?

My hope is that they walk away happier, that they know there’s something beyond this reality.

How can people connect with their departed loved ones?

In many ways, but especially through your dreams. In our dreams, our guard is down. Dreaming is preparing you to cross over. You’ll always know when you had a visitation right before you wake up. You know you touched them and that you’ve been touched, and it will stay with you.

I believe signs are everywhere but you have to be open to it.

That’s true. Signs are absolutely everywhere. You do have to be open to it, and be aware, and you’ll know when it happens to you.

Let’s talk about your new children’s book, The Land of Imagination.

I think one of the components of a really good kids’ book is that it’s also a good reminder for adults. The messages are across the board. The moral is that when you achieve your dreams, you open it up for anyone else. Your success is a success for everyone, and everyone helps to bring everyone else along in their mission. And that’s how I live my life, by going where I’m called to help others, who then can help the people in their lives. It’s a wonderful way to live your life.


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