Melissa Green Is Living Her Life Out Loud

Melissa Green is living her life out loud. The children’s singer spoke exclusively to Celebrity Parents about her new CD, Sing Loud!, and why not knowing what you’re going to do next is sometimes a good thing.

Melissa, what is your background?

I started teaching music and had a lot of fun. It inspired me to write songs, and the songs came out of me so easily. Another teacher wanted to record my songs and it put it in my head to record my own songs!

Brooke Shields’ husband works with my wife, Lauren. We did their kids’ birthday parties, and so when we thought of doing a duet, Brooke came to my mind. I wasn’t sure if she would do it, but she emailed me and said, “Yes yes yes!”

How would you describe your personal style?

It’s pretty eclectic. I will listen to country, hip hop, anything. I grew up appreciating all kinds of music. On this album, I wanted to portray the genres of music. On this CD, Sing Loud!, there’s blues, hip hop, etc. My first album was folk, so I wanted to make sure that the next one wasn’t the same thing. I love to sing lullabies, but when I’m performing, I love to sing other types of songs, too.

For Sing Loud!, I put messages into each of the songs. There are many ways in which people can live and love, and everyone has to be respectful of that. But most importantly, you have to take care of yourself and love yourself for who you are.

What is it like performing for kids?

It’s amazing. Because I came from working with kids as a preschool teacher, it’s natural for me. I incorporate the kids into the songs by giving them something to do; they can dance during a certain part, or do a freeze dance at another.

Let’s talk about your other endeavors.

I have a performance camp called Melissa and Sue. We do something called “Around the World with Melissa and Sue.” We take the kids around the world by introducing them to the culture through dance, food, etc. And we’ll do fun things with the camp where we’ll look for berries, fun things like that. I’ve done everything from making jewelry to taking my Series 7 Exam. I’ve always wanted to do my own thing. I’ve thought about what I want to do next, and even if I don’t know right now, it all just seems to happen the way I was supposed to.


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