Sean Giambrone of The Goldbergs Wishes Z. Cavaricci’s Would Make A Fashion Comeback

Sean Giambrone has let his career go to the dogs — and is proud of it. As the voiceover star of the hit movie Russell Madness, Sean brings heart and humor to the role of a sweet dog who saves the day. Which, coincidentally, is also what he does as the totally awesome Adam Goldberg in ABC’s hit comedy series The Goldbergs. We spoke exclusively with Sean about his roles in Russell Madness and The Goldbergs, and why Z. Cavaricci’s are the coolest pants, like, ever.


Sean, let’s talk about your starring role in the feature film Russell Madness. What was it like playing a dog?

It was fun because I got to be this cute little dog. It was really enjoyable; I had to think like a dog. They made me bark like a dog, too!

What has the response been to the movie?

It’s been pretty good. I saw it and I liked it. It’s a touching movie that talks about family, and it makes you laugh.

You do other voicework, like your role of Jeff on the Cartoon Network show Clarence. Do you have a preference for either type of acting?

I have to say I like the live action acting better, but I’m kind of a greedy person when it comes to this subject, so I like to do both! [laughs] There’s enough of a difference doing voiceover work and live action acting, but they’re both sharing the same genre of performance, so it’s refreshing to do both.

I have three kids, and The Goldbergs is the only show that we watch as a family. It’s hard to find a show that the parents find funny and that my kids, even though they’re in different age groups, also enjoy.

I know what you mean. My mom was saying how The Goldbergs fills a gap.

It’s pretty cool that you are the heart of The Goldbergs and also the heart of Russell Madness.

It is so awesome. I’m really proud to be a part of both projects.

What do you do in your free time, Sean?

I like to go to movies and I love video games. I play basketball, too. And even though I haven’t played with toys in a while, it’s been fun to play with Adam’s toys on the set of The Goldbergs.

What would you say are the three things from the 80s that you wish teenagers today had?

The Nintendo entertainment system. I wish that were the system nowadays. Then, the music, because I really love 80s music. I’m not really a big fan of the music today, although I do love the song “Riptide.” And the last one would have to be Z. Cavaricci’s! They are so comfy! I feel that I look better with things above my hips. It’s a win/win. [laughs]

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