The Hoglet Fidget Mouse Can Help Keep Kids Focused While Learning

There’s no denying the popularity of fidget toys. Used to improve concentration, boost focus, and decrease stress, fidget toys are fine to use — unless you’re a kid who’s in the middle of class and need to type or take notes. Enter the Hoglet, a mouse and fidget toy in one that can help children with learning differences succeed in school — and life.

For children who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), focusing can prove to be difficult. Because not everyone learns the same way, children with ADHD or ASD need extra accommodations in order to stay engaged in their studies. And that’s why the Hoglet works, since it’s designed to provide a multi-sensory experience that learning-challenged children need.

Called the Hoglet because it looks like a baby hedgehog, this computer mouse does so much more than click and control the cursor. While a traditional mouse might be considered cold and hard, the Hoglet (with its raised “quills”) is delightful to touch…over and over again. Holding or running their fingers over the mouse can create a calming effect that children who have ASD or ADHD can appreciate…and need. The 2.4G wireless mouse runs on 2 AAA batteries, and has a plug and play feature so that your child can start their studies using the Hoglet right away.

The Hoglet aids in creating a soothing school environment, thanks to its centering effect and grounding properties. And with its ability to allow students who might struggle academically to do well in school is such a huge win in getting all children, (regardless of learning differences), to have scholarly success.

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