These Last-Minute Teacher Appreciation Week Gifts From Amazon Will Get You An A+

Your child’s teacher is so much more than an educator (although that’s also equally important). They offer scholarly support, big bear hugs when your kiddo needs one, and are an educational advocate for your child. That’s why teachers deserve our thanks — and a present wouldn’t necessarily hurt. And these last-minute Teacher Appreciation Week gifts from Amazon will definitely make them feel appreciated — and woot, they’ll arrive just in time, too.

A Cute Mug For Her Morning Cup of Joe


If their love of teaching isn’t motivation enough, the teacher mug from Amazon (filled with coffee or tea) should get them through those morning lessons. The pink marble design will look pretty on your teacher’s desk, and the added gold flecks will sparkle, just like they do. ($18.87)

A Gift Card So They Can Get Whatever They Want


You’d like to buy something for your child’s teacher, but really, it can be hard to know what their interests are after 3:00 p.m. So stop guessing and give them an Amazon gift card. It’s an easy gift; just pick out a dollar amount, and include their email address and voila, they’ll receive an email alerting them that they now can get the things in their Amazon cart, thanks to you and your child.

A Keychain So They Never Lose Their Keys To The Classroom



Have you ever noticed that teachers have an odd amount of keys? Help keep them all organized by gifting a teacher-inspired key chain. The 3-piece set features various sayings, along with a second heart that says, “Thank you.” A shiny red apple charm completes this cute key chain that will make you the apple of your teacher’s eye. And don’t worry about wrapping it, since it comes with a free jewelry bag. ($14.99)

Silly Socks To Keep Their Feet Warm

Let your teacher know you love them from the top of their head to the tips of their toes when you give them these sweet (and silly) teacher socks. The crew-length socks fit most women’s US sizes 7 and up, and men sizes 6-13. The socks are designed to not fray or pull, all the while staying soft on your teacher’s feet, thanks to an elastic/spandex/cotton blend. ($10.95)

Pretty Planters For Their Desk At School Or Home

Your child’s teacher isn’t just helping young minds grow; they’re also looking to grow their green thumb, too. And they can do just that with these cute teacher planters. Made from white ceramic, the planters can hold succulents such as cactus, or other fun flowers. Cluster them together so that your child’s teacher knows that they’re the best. It comes wrapped and ready to gift, too. ($27.99)

Bath Bombs For A Soothing Soak At Night


You’re already exhausted being with your kiddos all day, so imagine how your child’s teacher feels being with so many students day in and day out. Well, you’ll be the bomb when you gift these bath bombs from Amazon. The 12-pack comes with 5 oz. bath bombs that are handmade with premium ingredients and pure essential oils for the ultimate in relaxation. The bath bombs also have skin-soothing properties that will leave them feeling smoother, calmer, and ready for another day in the classroom. ($26.97)

Highlighters To Make Grading Those Tests Go Faster


Your teacher can get right to the point of marking those papers when they use these pastel highlighters. The 2-pack of six highlighters come in colors like pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. You won’t have to worry about smudging, thanks to the quick-drying ink. And with the two line widths, your teacher can get creative with her markings, either highlighting large paragraphs or drawing thin lines. ($11.69)

A Bracelet With A Meaningful Message Inside

Jewelry can be a joyous gift for a teacher. This Joycuff teacher’s bracelet isn’t just stylish; it has a meaningful message inside, too. It reads, “She believed she could change the world so she became a teacher,” which is sure to touch your child’s teacher. On the outside of the cuff  are two red outlined apples, a true wink and a nod to their career. It’s elegant enough to be worn for special occasions, or just on a Tuesday when she’s headed to school. ($12.72)

A Bag To Bring Home All Those Assignments

There is so much schlepping when you’re a teacher. Papers, books, school supplies — there’s so much that goes back and forth to the classroom. Now they can carry their gear in style with this canvas teacher bag. It measures 16 x 15 x 3.5 — perfect for papers and other personal items. The reusable shoulder bag is strong enough to hold laptops, books, binders, and so much more. It can be used for both work — and play. ($13.99)

A Wine Glass Because, Well, Students

Listen, a long day standing in front of students can be trying for almost anyone. This 15 oz. stemless wine glass will give your teacher something to look forward to at the end of the day. Due to the way in which the wine glass is made, the lettering is sure to stick on, no matter how many, um, pours your teacher does. Of course, your child’s teacher can use the glass for any adult beverage, but chances are she’ll be wanting some wine in it. ($15.95)

Giving a gift to your child’s teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week (or any other time, really) shows them how much you value their positive input and instruction that they give each and every day.

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