Line Rothman of Glamourmom Makes Nursing A Breeze — And Beautiful

Line Rothman is a true glamour mom. Frustrated with the lack of clothing options available to nursing moms after the birth of her first child, Line created a nursing tank that was both pretty and functional. The result: GlamourMom, a nursing bra tank that makes women feel beautiful while they breastfeed and revolutionized an industry.

Line, what was life like prior to Glamourmom?

Originally, I’m from Denmark, and I moved to the United States in 1996. I studied journalism at NYU, and did freelance writing for Danish magazines. I became pregnant with my daughter, and planned to breastfeed her. But a few weeks she was born, I had a trip planned to Denmark and dreaded the idea of taking her on the plane and having to breastfeed.

My son was born around the same time and I remember that there was nothing on the market to make breastfeeding easier.

I was so shocked that there wasn’t anything out there. They were encouraging breastfeeding but didn’t have the clothes to support it. And honestly, what was available was hideous. The shirts would have lots of layers with slits in them. And when you give birth, all you want more than anything is to fit back into your pre-pregnancy clothes and get back into your life. I thought to myself; if I had an undershirt with a built-in nursing bra, it would give me support and also cover my belly from being exposed, so I would be able to nurse anywhere.

How did you go from the idea to the actual product?

I thought about it for a while. I took pieces of fabric and sewed them together in my kitchen. After trying, it came together. So I took my baby and knocked on doors trying to find a small production place to manufacture samples for me. I tried it on friends who loved it and it all started from there.

That’s amazing that you launched this after having a newborn.

I was very driven. I don’t think it happens often that you get an idea that is so versatile, and you have to go for it. We were the first to introduce this idea to the market. It’s rare to get an idea that’s not out there, but is so accepted. It was so exciting. It was great for not only me, but for all women. I had this intuition that it was going to be huge, and now, well, it’s all over the marketplace. I still remember when we got our first orders online; it was a thrilling feeling. Now, eleven years later, we are the leaders in the industry. We make other products as well, including sleepwear, shape wear, as well as dresses, bathing suits and nursing bras. We use very soft cotton so it won’t irritate the mom’s skin.

How have you balanced it all?

There’s a huge flexibility to having your own business. I grew up with parents who had their own business. My father had a natural beauty care line in Denmark. I remember seeing him making creams in pots in our kitchen. I knew the ins and outs of having your own business—it’s a mindset that I was brought up with. Yes, you’re on 24/7, but there’s also no one breathing down your neck. If my kids have an event at school, I can go, but it can sometimes get intense. It helps that my husband works with me; it makes our business stronger. I can focus on connecting with the clients, because that’s what I love, that personal touch. I just love this journey that we are on, that started from one small idea that changed an industry and made women feel empowered—and pretty—while nursing. That’s what matters most to me.


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