Lisa Beatty Wants Women To Have Their Voice Heard In The Marketplace, Thanks To Jane Nation

Let’s explain what Jane Nation is.

Jane Nation is a website where women can go to have their voice heard in the marketplace. It’s a site for women, by women. We employ women designers and copywriters. I liken it to a Girl’s Night Out online!

What was the impetus for Jane Nation?

As the VP/Cultural Strategist for St. John & Partners, an ad agency in FL, we were looking for a way to better help brands connect with consumers.  Often it’s hard to get the picture of who the consumer is without spending tons of money. How do we take technology and the rising power of the consumer and then as a company find out how to tap into it to make our clients smarter and our consumers get better products? That’s how Jane Nation was born.

I’ve read on several occasions that women make far more purchases than men, but most advertising is arguably targeted for men.

That’s true. The statistic is that women are making 85% of all purchases. However, 9 out of ten women say that brands totally don’t get us. We’ve gotta fix that! That statistic really drove me to talk to my company to start another division in order to give women a voice in the market. Our goal is to deepen the advertisers’ understanding of who women are and what they want so we make it better for everyone.

When did Jane Nation launch?

The site launched out of Beta in May and we’re very excited! We’re one of the first ad agencies in the country to do this. Recently, Jane Nation set up friendship circles through friends and family to meet every day Janes. For seven weeks, I spent time with over 175 women I had never met before. We talked about topics that were important to them; sometimes we talked for hours and hours! It was one of the best experiences of my life.

I can guess, but how did you choose the name Jane Nation?

We wanted to represent every one as unique and individual, but also show that we are unified. The term “Jane” is an all-encompassing term that describes womanhood without being age specific. And “Nation” says that we’re united.

What would you like a new user’s experience to be like at

We would like the site to be a place where she can find a variety of topics she can talk about. We follow an editorial calendar which is not dissimilar from a magazine. If you’ve got something to say, we’ve got a forum for you. If you want to connect, give feedback, share ideas, it’s all available, just one click in. Jane Nation is for all women, from ages 18-80.

Between your hectic work schedule and family life, how do you find your balance?

When my daughter was born, my husband and I decided he would be the one to stay at home with her and I would work full-time. He had a construction and design business he could run from home. He has been her primary care giver, and we have had a wonderful experience raising our daughter in a non-traditional way. That said, I take my daughter, Hannah, to school every day without fail and I tuck her into bed every night.

You’ve also included her in your work.

Yes, Hannah is now 12 and she has helped a lot with the creation of Jane Nation. She’s a budding writer, so for her this is a dream job! She has been in the agency when we’ve had conceptual meetings for the site, and she gives me feedback all the time. I’ve involved my daughter during my entire career. Since she’s a part of my work, I feel that I’ve integrated my work life and my personal life. I want to show her that you can have a successful career and family, because you really can.

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