These Train Shoes Turn Any Kid Into Sir Topham Hatt

train shoes

Some kids’s shoes light up. Some make sounds. But very few do both–and more. Choo Choo Shoes combine the best of both worlds by making fun chugga chugga sounds and lighting up, just like a real train would. These train shoes are shaped like a locomotive and will make your kid a recess rockstar.

All your child needs to do is press the On/Off button, and he’s ready to race down the rails. When he’s walking around, the shoes make typical train sounds. The shoes will light up and a whistle blows every time your child jumps.

Now, even the coolest of conductors sometimes needs to take a nap. When it’s time to relax, the shoes can be turned off so that your railway master doesn’t make a ruckus.

If all that weren’t enough, your child can leave tracks wherever she goes (and not the muddy, messy kind). The soles of the sneakers have a cool train track design that will encourage your kiddo to keep walking, running, playing, and having a great time.

For the train loving little fan in your life, these train sneakers are revolutionary. So start your engines, .

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