Blue Diamond’s Mexican Hot Chocolate Gives Us All The Winter Feels

There’s nothing like cold winter days to make you want to crave a mug of hot chocolate. But you might not have time for all that mixing and measuring when you have so many other things to take care of. If your kids are clamoring for a cup of hot cocoa, you can serve up Blue Diamond’s Mexican Hot Chocolate. It takes traditional hot chocolate and spices it up for a drink your (and your kids’) taste buds will love.

While you might be used to cocoa that is comprised of just milk and chocolate mix or syrup, the Blue Diamond Mexican Hot Chocolate ups your warm drink game. Typically, Mexican hot chocolate is made from real milk, 100% unsweetened cocoa powder, vanilla extract, cinnamon, chili powder, and granulated sugar. It’s creamy and dreamy— but it’s also time-consuming to make. But the Mexican Hot Chocolate from Blue Diamond takes those fantastic flavors and delivers them in an easy-to-pour version that requires no mixing.

You can serve the drink hot or cold, and each way will give you a different drinking experience. The non-dairy drink is made from almond milk, but still looks and tastes like the real thing. So the next time your child wants cocoa, try giving him a mug of this delicious almond milk, and start a new tradition in your family.


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