11 Halloween Treats That You’ll Want To Goblin Up

Halloween is the time for all sorts of ghouls and goblins — and copious amounts of candy, too. Stocking up on sweets to satisfy terrifying trick-or-treaters is only part of the holiday fun, since you’ll still need a stash for your own creepy crew, too. From brownies that look like mummies to DIY gummy worms that won’t slip through your Butter Fingers, these 10 Halloween treats are too yummy to Reese-ist, especially since some of them are (eek!) healthy, too. So get ready to Halloween it like you mean it and snag some of these treats that will totally come in candy.


Pistachio Bark That Takes A Bite Out Of Halloween

Not all Halloween snacks have to be unhealthy. In fact, pistachios make the perfect treat, thanks to their witchy green color and anti-oxidant properties. The American Pistachio Growers have a bootastic Chocolate Chip Pistachio Bark recipe that (woot) only has two ingredients. It comes together in mere minutes, and your little goblins won’t even realize that they’re eat a snack that’s so good for them.


A DIY Gummy Worm Kit That’s As Sour As It Is Sweet


Although you could buy some gummy worms, why not make them instead? Your kid will totally dig the DIY  Sour Gummy Worm Kit from LorAnn. You can craft sour gummy worms by using the already-included gummy worm mix, gel colors, and non-stick silicone candy molds in the shape of worms in Green Apple, Black Cherry, and Raspberry flavors.


Treats That Your Kids Will Want To Sink Their Teeth Into


Sure, full-size candy bars can be fun, but how about a Moompa? Well, the Chocolate Pizza Company has all your Halloween treats covered, thanks to their selection of sweets that are a total treat. Their Trick Or Treat Tote For Kids comes with a solid chocolate Jack-O-Lantern, a chocolate covered rice crispy square slathered in sprinkles, a sandwich cookie with a seasonal design (like an edible eyeball or candy corn), and the aforementioned Moompa, a cream-filled cake covered in chocolate and adorned with (not-so-deadly) decorations.


An Adult Beverage That Is A Sin Not To Sip

Listen, taking your kid door to door in search of sweets can take a toll on parents. That’s why, when the little ghouls have gone to bed, you should serve up the 7 Deadly Zins. From 7 Deadly Wines, the old vine zinfandel has aromatic notes of leather, oak, spice, and berry. But on the tongue, it tastes like currants, fruits, and toffee that even Dracula would drink.


A Cake Mix For Parents Who Don’t Want To Bake From Scratch

There’s nothing like the scent of pumpkin anything baking on a crisp fall morning. But if you don’t want to break out too many bowls, you can still make your house smell ah-mazing (and have some yummy cake to eat, too) when you bake the Phyllis Ann’s Pumpkin Morning Cake. The cake mix comes prepared with all the dry ingredients — all you need to do is add butter, eggs, and sour cream for that freshly baked scent that didn’t take you hours to make. Top the cake with Cream Cheese Icing and serve it to your ghoul-friends to make you the ghost-ess with the mostest.


Protein Balls That Are Creepin’ It Real

It can be scary to think about how much sugar your family might be consuming in the days and weeks leading up to October 31. That’s why you should put some protein into everyone’s diet by serving up Scott’s Protein Balls. The plant-based balls contain organic ingredients like chia seeds, gluten-free ground flaxseed and whole grain oats. And with kid-friendly flavors like Snickerdoodle, Confetti, and Mint Chocolate Chip, the balls will boost your kids’ energy — just in time to go trick-or-treating.


Cookies That Come In A Cauldron

Ghosts and pumpkins are absolutely eerie-sistible on Halloween, and even more so when they are served in a creepy cauldron. The Halloween Treats Cauldron from Chery’s Cookies have 16 colorful buttercream-frosted cookies that your child will want to gourd with their life.


Mummy Brownies That You Won’t Want To Keep Under Wraps

Brownies don’t have to be boring anymore when your child makes these Mummy Brownies with their own mummy. Sold at Target, the setup is simple enough — bake the brownies according to the instructions, and when they’re cool, mix royal icing to create the mummy’s bandages. Edible eyes will bring your mummy brownies to, er, life.


Ghost Garden Veggie Chips That Aren’t Ghastly

Sensible Portions Ghosts + Bats will definitely get your Halloween party startled. The garden veggie chips are in the shape of both bats and ghosts and have 30% less fat than potato chips, which makes it spooky how healthy they are for Halloween.


Water-Filled Halloween Bottles That Are Hauntingly Healthy

You know that your kids should probably be drinking more water than they actually are. But with the Halloween 7-Day Refill Challenge from Path Water, healthy hydration just got scary good. As part of a collab with CVS, the 25 oz. refillable bottle has a fun maze-like display (complete with four water droplets next to each day) that serves as a reminder to drink at least 100 oz. of water daily. The ultra-purified reverse osmosis filtered water tastes great, comes in a 9-pack to ensure that your little pumpkin stays healthy through the season.

Twix Candy That Will Have You Under A Spell

You won’t be playing Twix when you tell your peeps how much you love the Twix Ghoulish Green chocolate. When you bite into the chocolate covered confection, you might be surprised to find that the normally tan cookie has transformed into an un-candy green color. But don’t worry; the Twix still tastes the same — even if it’s as green as a witch’s face.

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