Dippin’ Dots’ Cold Brew Latte Flavor Makes Coffee Cute — And Craveable

First there were kid-friendly flavors like cotton candy, birthday cake, and bubble gum. Now, Dippin’ Dots has released a flavor that favors teens as well as adults who can’t get enough of their morning joe — Cold Brew Latte. And it’s as delicious (and addicting) as you might imagine.

The Cold Brew Latte flavor is the latest from Dippin’ Dots, the flash frozen beaded ice cream giant. But if you thought you could pick some up at the supermarket on the way home, think again. The flavor is available exclusively at the brand’s franchise locations across the nation.

So, how does it taste? Well, it’s like drinking a decadent latte. Coffee lovers will be thrilled with its strong coffee essence, yet it’s also surprisingly mild, thanks to the milky creaminess of the latte flavor.

Even though it’s ice cream, this flavor is geared more towards older kids (think high school and college students) as well as adults. But if your kid wants to take a taste, don’t worry. Although the Cold Brew Latte packs a powerful coffee punch, it doesn’t contain any caffeine. So you won’t have to be afraid that your kid will be bouncing off the walls right before bedtime if he has a bowlful of the Dippin’ Dots.

“As part of our mission to keep our brand fresh and relevant, Cold Brew Latte is the first of several planned franchise-only offerings for the year,” said Steve Rothenstein, Senior Director of Franchising for Dippin’ Dots. “We are excited to create something special for our Dippin’ Dots store owners where our loyal fans can now enjoy this unique flavor at any mall store or kiosk nationwide.”

If you want to get some Cold Brew Latte Dippin’ Dots, you’ll have to act fast. The flavor is only available for a limited time. But if you’re looking to combine coffee with the creaminess of ice cream (and the sheer fun of eating Dippin’ Dots), this ice cream is truly is the best of both worlds.


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